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01.17.2013 , 09:41 AM | #22
After reading hundreds if not thousands of posts on this issue, I have to say I'm very disappointed in BioWare's Customer Service. They keep insisting the issue is with our Credit Card companies or whatnot when the cards work flawlessly for everything else, and then have the gall to ask for personal photo ID? I'm on a 180 day subscription plan so I refuse to delete my Credit Card info and lose out on my lengthy subscription time remaining to try and fix this god forsaken NU2001 error that keeps popping up when I try to give you people money. And I'm talking about a lot of money. The oddest thing is, if it's a problem with my CC company, then how was my subscription able to renew 4 days ago? And why has it not been an issue until now when I not only Pre-Order'd the game, but have been a subscriber since launch all on the same card? Pre-ordering the expansion went fine, and for a short time even buying Cartel Coins worked. Now for weeks I have been unable to, all thanks to the lovely little NU2001 error. I've done all your other steps, even disable'd the DNS routing I use for Netflix in an attempt to make this work. I think you guys need to own up to the fact you use a magnificently unreliable service for collecting money from your customers, hire some CS reps with a backbone who wont just copy-paste every reply telling people to call a non-toll-free number to rectify the problem when you make them wait on hold for what should be to you an embarrassingly long wait time, only to be hung up on.
To end this succinctly, fix your $h!t and stop blaming the people who pay your salaries.