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You guys do have a legit ranked team congrats !!! and i've figured out your formula here it goes....

Step 1. Get a small group of atrocious players to reroll from a pvp server like the fatman for example to a pve server , canderous ordo for example.
Step 2. Hit 50 and recruit players of your low skill who you think are good but in reality are not like shatterman and pjb for example but its an extensive list none the less , remember children just because you think you're good doesn't mean you really are.
Step 3. Proceed to talk loads of crap and make claims of takin over pvp before you even test the waters.
Step 4. Lose numerous ranked warzones , get put in your place and become a pve guild.
Step 5. Super q in regular wzs for months because a 4 man premade isn't enough to pull of a win if you're in unicorn stampede ( don't forget to repeat step 3 minus the claims of taking over pvp because at this point you've failed)
Step 6. Wait for combatmedic and the pvp community to try and revive the dead ranked scene by putting together and encouraging ranked pvp play with kickball style pick up groups.
Step 7. Proceed to reform a ranked team because now lethal dose fifty isn't around to farm us they're busy playing ranked pugs and we can beat some of the ranked pugs if we form a ranked group with every crutch in the game, 4 smashers and bubble stun should do the trick ( repeat step 3 here after we win especially if we see cm's pug team)

*Important procedure to follow make sure to spread rumors that lethal dose fifty don't q ranked because they lose to uncensored on a regular basis (when in fact we win 80 % of the time we play them if not more)
Sounds like someone is a little butt hurt

Congrats on getting a competent team together, it's what the server needs for proper competition. Hopefully more guilds will follow your example and we can once again having a thriving competitive guild v guild ranked scene.