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01.17.2013 , 08:40 AM | #11
Yes it was mostly written from a pvp perspective although some bosses in pve have made me ROOF or go near (e.g. Kephess in Terror). Apologies for the mis-clarification. In pvp it does happen to live long enough to go ROOF and stalemates can happen. With the same play if I go hybrid I can't remember ever ROOF unless I bubble stun teammates and even then it takes longer than actually playing full balance attack. And the only difference is effusion in terms of force management. I agree that effusion results in brainless force management in balance, but the same applies for tk and hybrids. I suggested this as the only quick solution but I don't think it is the very best one. Although if effusion was reducing for 20-30% the cost and was moved in tier 2 it might be a fair exchange.