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I had some thoughts here related to both the 'getting extra dialogue from Quinn' thing and the 'gee, I'd like to murder him' thing that was the original topic.

First up, as for the line a few posts back, when I first encountered it I played a short game of guessing what I was supposed to know he felt about me. Irritation, anger, frustration, and profound, bitter 'you're a terrible manager and I've added you to my hit list' hatred were on the potential list. Also 'nigh-crippling fear.' There really wasn't enough evidence to support 'affection,' not if you miss the easily-missed Tatooine thing.

All the "extras" I'm aware of (along with some of the limits related to the original point of this thread):

Nar Shaddaa spoilers:

Tatooine spoilers:

I've never seen any interesting Alderaan interaction. Then again, note that I've only actually played the Warrior line through once; I am a master rumormonger, not necessarily a game expert.

Taris spoilers:

Transponder station spoilers:

Spoilers for the Act 3 situation over Hoth:

Spoilers for Corellia:

Spoilers for endgame:

To reiterate, here's the link to the awesome romance compilation that someone linked earlier:

Reviewing this just makes me want to murder him all over again. (Or rather, murder for the first time. You know, because I haven't been allowed to yet.) You need to bend over backwards to get these scraps of affection before he shoots you in the face anyway.
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