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1. For me what you call a soul is nothing different from a droids software. Still programmable.
2. If you believe that we are god-made that makes us no different from a droid bec. both a droid and a human being are "made". If someone or something makes anything, gives it a purpose and condition it to act for what it is made for. At that point we are no different from a droid in your point of view. Also for a believer there is a concept of destiny. If we are destined to do something and there is no way that we can act differently then this a god made programming. If we have free will than there is no destiny or programming.

My thoughts about this is like we are programmed by society and other physical and emotional factors-conditioned in a way- but this is nothing like a destiny. While living a normal life we are simply conditioned as any other person in our society. The kind of conditioning I mentioned before is different from this. If someone is conditioned(programmed) to do something special like go and kill another person this is conditioning with a special purpose. If a conditioned person can refuse to kill this is why some other conditioning kicks in and takes control, like "killing a man is wrong". This is just a fight between programmings, that's all. We are only tools, just like the programmed droids.

There is no universal right or wrong, there is only choice. If a droid is programmed to make a choice between several possibilities this is not free will. This is again programming. But there is something called "feelings" for living things, at least for humans. Now, that feelings are your software and they are the ones that are conditioned(programmed) to make or not to make you do things. Those feelings will make you feel like killing is wrong if your other feeling, "killing is a must" fails to domain. This is not a choice just the power of programming. Feeling like doing the right thing is not free will, it is just a result of another conditioning.

Again, these are just my thoughts here. Didn't mean to offend anyone. If I did without knowing I'm sorry in advance
Very interesting points. Obviously (being a believer) I disagree with you. BUT if you don't believe in God then I guess the conclusion that you've come up with is the most logical one there is.

As for your first paragraph, a soul is very different from anything that a droid has. Obviously we aren't going to agreee on this specific so I won't bother getting into it.

But, for argument's sake, let's say that God did create us. Look at the creator of a droid and the creater of man to see the differences between man and droid: creater of droid: man, a being with limited knowledge and power.
Creater of man: God, a being with unlimited knowledge and power.

^^ There we see how drastically different droids and humans can turn out. And yes, there are a lot of believers who believe in the since of 'destiny' that you mentioned, however there are also people who moreso believe in free will. I'm believe in the latter.

I believe in free will simply because of the varying choices I've made. One day I'll be lazy and I won't get anything done, and the second day I'll be a workaholic. This variance is often due to something called attitude. Our attitude is something like our current state of emotions. Droids do not have attitudes or emotions.

And this 'conditioning' you speak of is what I would call character. Character , in a way, is kinda like the build-up of choices and experiences. Your decisions are gonna take you some place and that place has the potential to change your character. Due to the change in character, you'll make different choices in different scenarios. Droids (as far as I know) don't have the potential to change. They will simply make the same choice for a scenario, and they will repeat that choice even if the scenario is, essentially, repeated. Regardless of what they experience, they'll always make choices based off of their initial programming.