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1. Nah, I didn't said you should put it in, It was meant as, nobody really should have a problem with it. I haven't played muchg Bioware games, but so far I rode here, same sex romances we're always or mostly in the game. But they might had some reason to not put it in.
3. I'm sorry, I'd reply tot his but I don't know what SGR and all this stuff means, sorry.
5. I'm always sorry for everything
Don't have to. I'm german myself (I could tell by your spelling and grammar ) and I got what you said.

Never mind him/her.

Most of us here are reasonable, decent folks, well capable of a sensible discussion of this topic. Just because some prefer to be rude, it doesn't mean you have to apologize.

I wonder, do you have any companions in the game you'd like to see available for SGR?
(SGR - Same Gender Romance as opposite to OGR - Opposite Gender Romance)

I think we're always not discussing that part, at least not with new people peeking in, and I'm curious.