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01.17.2013 , 05:38 AM | #2
Both Adv. classes can do what you want. And if you purely want to DPS and not tank, both classes are extremely similar.

If you never want to spec into the Immortal tree, I suggest going with a Marauder. Simply because they have better defensive cooldowns in all DPS specs. But they can't beat the survivability from an Immortal specced Jugg ofcourse. I just couldn't die on my Jugg in PvE unless I did something stupid. That being said, I never once ran into survivability problems as a Mara either. And I don't even run with Quinn (he's boring). With Jaesa + correct usage ofdefensive cooldowns + splitting aggro between you two = killing spree. I only brought out Quinn for soloing HC2+ (some HC4 as well) and champion mobs.

The Juggernaut has no real benefit over the Mara if you don't want to spec as Immortal. At least in my opinion.