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Hello all,

Because I like social events in the game I decided to try and organise one of my own. My idea is fist fighting in outlaw's den, and I will explain everything shortly.

I was fist fighting with a guildie the other day and some people started to cheer, so I was thinking, why not make it bigger? My idea is the following.

No weapons at all.
No abilities, only different punches unlocked via Legacy.
Class buffs are allowed, but no other.

Challenges would be:
Free for all/last man standing - an all out fist fight in outlaw's den. Last man standing wins.
Guild vs. Guild fist fight. Teams of 4 v 4 or 8 v 8 perhaps. Only two guilds at a time. This would be a tournament.
Kings of the hill - all participating guilds would be in this challenge, everyone starts to run to the hill and the last guild that survives are called kings of the hill.
--- (I'm open to more ideas)

Now of course, you must be thinking This could never work, it will turn into a bloodbath. Yes, I'm worrying myself that cheaters will ruin this event by using weapons and thus forcing everyone else to use weapons and take revenge. But, my solution is the following:

Every participating guild contributes 2 serious players, that will be allowed to use weapons but will be excluded from participating. These players would be called Guards and would be in a separate Ops team. Their task would be simple. If they spot anyone who is using weapons or any other ability than different punches, quickly dispatch him and thus providing a stable and organized event. Personally, I would be also be one of the Guards but as of this writing my charater is only columi/rakata geared and I would love to have some better geared players in the Guards ops team.

You must have noticed that I speak of guilds a lot. However, this would not be guild-only event, of course all guildless players are also welcome to participate in the "Free for all last man standing" challenge. But the same rules apply to them. If using weapons guards will have to dispatch.

One more thing to cover. My ingame name is the same "Bastila-chan" I play on rep side and I am a member of "It's a trap guild". However, this even't has not even been confirmed by my guild, I am pretty much just trying to get a feel of the feedback. Now of course both factions are welcome to participate, but, empire side would also need a Guard ops team and it will require a lot seriusness and patiente. My biggest concern is that (because reps and imps can't join a single ops team) they will kill eachother and everything will turn into a bloodbath, that's why each guild would really have to contribute two high-geared serious players.

I would very much appriciate that:
Every person who sees my post talks with the guild about it and post here, if they are interested. After that, I will make a list of all confirmed guilds and if at least 5-10 guilds confirm I will start to organize things. I will set a date of the event (we can negotiate that together), I will make a tournament graph like this one etc...,