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1) Lots of things in RL exists, so are we saying put anything done in RL into the game? Cause that's exactly what you just said.

2) True enough! You know they could put those other things that happen in RL into a cutscene only you would see as well! And it happens in RL!

3) You mean like how the SGR or nothing crowd says OGR is disgusting I can't play without SGR? Or how it's 2013 and I think people should be wise enough to make their own rational choices and not do any of the dumb things we see happening on the news all the time? Yeah. People will think what they want no matter the year. Remember, it's 2013 and there are still people afraid of clowns. Of dolls. Of serious commitment. People and their fears and/or dislikes geeez.

4) *double checks hate* Yay! I should get a reply!

5) Truthfully, I didn't think it was all that bad untill you abbreviated 'sorry' for some reason.

1. Nah, I didn't said you should put it in, It was meant as, nobody really should have a problem with it. I haven't played muchg Bioware games, but so far I rode here, same sex romances we're always or mostly in the game. But they might had some reason to not put it in.

3. I'm sorry, I'd reply tot his but I don't know what SGR and all this stuff means, sorry.

5. I'm always sorry for everything
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