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01.17.2013 , 03:01 AM | #7
i was doing this for a guildy so im not terribly familiar.

so youre all saying that the hybrid build gets 993 damage absorbed every 9 seconds from sonic barrier or whatever too? that makes hybrid come out WAY ahead. sosmoen told me that full spec was better cuz the absorbed damage, but i must have misunderstood.

will post methodology tomorrow. barrier amount depends on power and mainstats, so i willl have to approximate that part.

without considering the blade barrier we have

full: 789.3, hybrid at 760.5, These numbers are based on my intial calculation on two builds from AMR and not completely equal ones. the original post has completely equal builds.

using 990/9 absorbed dps for hybrid and 990/12 for full we get 706.8 for full and 650.5 for hybrid.