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Min Maxing for PvP as a tanky Guardian/Juggernaut is pretty simple.

BIS Earpiece is Battlemaster, BIS implants are the EWH, though they are only marginally better than the BM implants.

Four piece PvP tanking set bonus is garbage. Your job isn't to do damage, it's to take it, and render the other DPS useless. Get the two piece Vindicator Set Bonus, this will heal you for 8% whenever you Guardian Leap, a far better set bonus. I also prefer to use the 2 piece PvE set bonus personally. Check my armory for how I have that set up.

On the WH tier, it's the simplest thing in the world. Once you have your set bonus, replace every mod and enhancement with the mod and enhancement from the boots. Just keep buying boots, over and over again. Lightsaber, shield gen, waist and wrists, etc, just replace everything with the stats from the boots. Why? Because as you mentioned, Defense is king. Shield will not do a thing for you, and absorption is even worse. Unfortunately you'll be picking up a bunch of shield rating as you get this gear, however there's not a lot you can do about it. The boot stats have the best distribution of high endurance and defense rating available. Continuing on, socket everything for endurance (18 end, 12 power augs). Replace the crystal(s) in your lightsaber and shield with endurance crystals. Craft at least three of the Guardian 27 armorings, use them in your belt/bracers and 1 item in your 5 set, since you only need two and two to maintain set bonuses. If you choose the PvE set bonus route, craft five guardian 27 armorings and place in the PvE shells you'll be using, again, check my armory. And of course, use the Imperiling Serenity relics.

TLR - Buy the boots over and over again, and replace all mods and enhancements in every piece of gear with the mods and enhancements from the boots, then socket for endurance, and craft the PvE armorings.

EWH gearing. Fortunately for gearing tanks, it's pretty easy for us. Instead of buying the boots this time, you'll be buying the gloves, again, over and over, replace all mods and enhancements with it. Replace appropriate armorings (vindicators) and hilts (MH/OH) and you'll be good.


A fair bit of people seem to favor the middle tree spec. Personally I don't. I'm here to tank and not die, commiting so much to the vigilance/vengeance tree for the static 4% reduction in dmg taken sacrifices way too much utility from the tanking tree. Another standard I've seen is the 27/12/2 spec, which is solid, but puts two points in the ravage/master strike talent, again, I'm not here to DPS so I made my own build, which is 29/12/0. My philosophy is area denial, debuffing and not dying, and this spec is best suited to do all of that. Yes, you're never going to contribute much as a DPS to the team, but, you'll be contributing to the team's DPS with the debuffs you're spreading around.

Anyway, if you have any questions or whatever, feel free to check the armory link in my sig or post back here.

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