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01.17.2013 , 02:07 AM | #2088
One of the biggest issues on all Oceanic realms is lack of players for end game content. It can take hours to form a group for Heroic Flash Points, quarter of an hour or longer at night to get into Warzones (don't even try PVPing during the day as you'll be waiting hours), and raiding is limited to all but a few larger guilds.

It honestly mystifies me why Bioware have gone for a model were F2P players can do next to nothing end game wise, mean while your subscribes wait for tens of minutes or even hours for Heroic Hard Modes and Warzones, and PUG ops groups simply don't exist on Master D.

Why don't Bioware look at allowing F2P players participate more in end game content. Allow them to run LFG story and hard mode ops, but prevent them from participating in Nightmare, and limit them to 3 loot rolls per week. Allow them unlimited LFG HM Flash Points, but again limit them to 3 item rolls a week for loot. Allow them to participate at least 3 Warzones per day, but barred from Rank Warzones, can't obtain ranked warzone comms, and can't wear ilevel 150 pvp gear. I believe an approach like this would bring more players in, and entice them to subscribe.

The F2P restrictions are doing more harm then good imho. There's a difference between a F2P model which is enticing people to try the game and then subscribe if they like it. VS a F2P model which lures the potential customer in (promise of no cost to play) and then holds them ransom. IMHO SWTOR's F2P model is the latter. It's a joke and I can't see Bioware achieving success with it. Perhaps financial success, but not success in the form of a strong and happy community.

On one side you have subscribers who are crying out for more end game players, and on the other you have F2P players whom you won't allow to participate in end game content without significant hurdles and financial barriers. So you're screwing your own subscribers, and you're screwing your F2P players.

I honestly believe that a reduction in the F2P restrictions would do a lot to revive the servers, also bring in more subscribers, and make your current subscribers happy.

Given the unlikelihood of the above happening my thoughts:

Merge all 3 Oceanic servers, but also give players the option to transfer to any American server of their choosing.