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Agreed but i was aiming more for the big picture and future content. Of course you can do a bit more but so does everyone else. Doesnīt change the fact about raid-dps to kill that specific enounter - everybody goes 2K + for a short amount of time but sorcīs still the weakest of them that was my point. Donīt have the logs right now but our Maurader doing 2K+ (even boss 3 in tfb - 2100 average dps with higher tops (lots of running and jumping for him but he keeps up those numbers) on almost every enounter and i dont dare to say i could do that with a marauder but he has no problems at all accomplishing this. I wonīt say its easy to play like that but what i do want to point out is what ever you do - sorcs are the weakest no matter how good you can play that class others will do better with less efford.

really your mara does 2K on 3rd boss of tfb ? funny how torparses highest in TFB HM on 3rd boss is not over 1700dps

i call shenanigans your full of it ^_^