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Perhaps someday you will realize there is a reason no one makes those games anymore.
That example is perhaps a bit extreme, but there is a cycle seen in today's game industry. It goes like this:

1. A company makes a game that's really hard
2. Hardcore gamers love it
3. The great masses rush in and complain about the hardness
4. The game gets nerfed
5. The hardcore gamers are disappointed and move on to the next game

However, hunting the HK parts is not genuinely hard, it's just tedious. Hard would be if every scan would give you some clue of where the component is, but it would be really hard to put those together to figure out the location. As it is, you simply have a low chance of being close enough with a scan. I'm guessing it's somewhere around 0.1%, given the size of the areas. After you hit within 25 metres, you can theoretically use a more sophisticated method to zero in on the component, but since there's no clear indicator of range (the expanding pulse from the device travels in the air, not along ground), there's still a fair amount of trial and error involved.