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I just saw this post and man I got chills. I don't know if anyone in DFR remembers me, but I was actually the GM/Founder of the guild way back in the day on SWG I remember I started the guild in June/July of 2003 with a couple of guys and I named it DFR after the Timothy Zahn "Dark Force Rising" novel. I only played SWG for about 6 months until real life intervened (started Junior year of High School...met a girl ) and I passed leadership off.

I have a hard time remembering the names of the officers that I passed the guild off to, because it's been about 10 years and a lot of games in between, but they definitely deserve all the credit for keeping the guild going after I left. It's really a testament to them that the guild is still active and thriving today. Really exciting to see that the guild is going strong after all these years

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I believe you turned it over to Teraka, that ring a bell? I joined in late 2003, must have been right after you left. Several members are still around from those days, although not all of them play swtor right now. We had mumble if you'd like to come in and say hi!
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