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On my male SW I spared the republic troopers, but I didn't get to see what would happen for the different options, LS and DS after they fulfill their debt, I clicked the neutral one and didn't his esc fast enough at the end of the convo...

I thought it was funny when I asked him if he was in a hurry to get back to the ship because of Vette.
"I'm not going to dignify that by replying" or something xD
I have decided that once i'm done leveling my male SW with my brother, i'm going to start over... Its the one char that I actually want to try and RP (after exploring dialog xD), but I miss out on that chance because of the group convos...

Does the flirt option come imediately after killing them, or later in a different conversation as a result?
I'm guessing when he say's he wants to get back to the ship quickly you get the option to 'suggest something perhaps related to your quaters'?

Back at Halidrell's Office the option that gave affection was the one where my char said he'd use the pub troopers, although, if you ask him, he tells you how smart/insightfull you are... in a way
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