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01.17.2013 , 12:10 AM | #2
You always want 75% surge. After this, DR kicks in hard, so do not bother anymore. You will be getting your surge from earpieces and enhancements, which come in either power/surge, or power/accuracy. Since there is a heavy DR on surge beyond 75%, choose accuracy beyond that point. This will end up at about 97% accuracy. Crit should be anywhere from 30-35% fully buffed, its personal preference how high you stack this. I like lower crit/higher power for Deception, and higher crit for Madness. Once you get your crit where you want it, dump the rest into as much willpower and power as possible.

That is my gear setup, mostly WH, with a little bit of EWH thrown in. This setup is for 1208 expertise, swap the pve armorings around if you prefer more.