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01.16.2013 , 11:34 PM | #87
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I've been using the cartel market since I returned to Tor a couple of weeks ago. I have 3 50's etc, so the expectation of getting something nice was very alluring.
Tonight I purchased the 5500 PAC of coins. I felt my previous purchases from the cartel were just a glitch as to how common and mundane they were.
So with high expectations I decided to buy the 360 coin pacs till I got something really valuable and useable.

When the dust settled I had bought at least 6 packs and got nothing, nothing of any worth. I am so disappointed, I actually feel ripped off. A terrible example of a money grab.
A run of the mill speeder, a couple of minor experience boosts, a box with two items, chest and gloves. They were terribly designed and look no better than Lv. 5 gear, so bad. Some crafting material. The rest were even worse.

This isn't rocket science guys. To put at the very least one "WOW" item in a pack would go a long way to me buying more cartel coins.

As it is now, this is the last time I'm buying coins. And I'm a subscriber as well. What a slap in the face.

How many times are you guys going to keep shooting your selves in the foot?
You can spend $300 and not get an ultra rare while the next person can get a nifty throne in their first pack. You're going to get more packs that suck than worth anything but that's the point. Out of 5500 coins, scored 3 hawkeye crystals, full phantom set and 2 indestructible crystals while the next several packs got crap.