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01.16.2013 , 09:58 PM | #2038
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Tbh it's crazy to think that BW will or should allow server transfers to 'anywhere' or 'where ever I want.' Back when US servers had population issues they were not allowed this choice, I don't see what makes you think we should.
C'mon bro. After the way we've been treated (or haven't been treated), you don't think we should be able to transfer to a server of our choice?

eg. After the population issue on Master Dar'Narla got to a point where GF and WZ weren't poping and we were getting no response from EAware, alot of us re-rolled on US servers so we could... you know... PVP

Are you saying I shouldn't be able to consolidate my toons on one server? You expect me to be happy letting EAware choose which server they want to merge my toons too. **** that!

Let us decide where we want our toons!