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Good to see this topic is discussed instead of turning into a flame war.

My views:
Everything that has the ability to make a choice has free will and there for is equile.

How they make that choice doesnt really mather.

Some humans make very canculated move's others lissen to there desire's.

The main difference between a machine and a person is the ability to make a choice.

Example: if a door is programed to close at 9:00 it will simple close.

Like wise a person can close a door.
The difference is the door in question CANT stay open because it is programed to close.
A person can chooice to keep the door open even when order to close them.

(sorry i dont know the exact words but it came down too)
To quote mass effect 3 evi: I am programed to keep this ship running effecent is the eqivial to the humans surivial need.
Like wise when i learn something benefitial to my programming recieve it as a possetive impute:
Thus i call it fun for short.

All in all free will for me is the difference between a person and a machine.

As for star wars driods.

<points at deretive 7: this is why we memory wipe driods.

To dangerous to allow.
knowledge is power.
use it well.

Good players take any and all advantages they can get, actually. It's why they are good.