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just found out about this Torparse thing. I've signed up but i don't see where any kind of Desktop Application can be downloaded. how do i start it up? do i have to press anything to start it? i don't see combat logs anywhere in any of my Swtor files.

as someone who has no knowledge to what parsing is, how will you make your website noob friendly? should i just google it instead? yeah i guess i'll do that. lol. i know it tracks dps, but other than that, /shrug.
There is nothing to download at this time. In the future, there will be. The website provides you the ability to look at your combat log after the fact. First, you need to make sure you have combat logging turned on in the game under the Preferences menu. Then, go to and upload that combat log. Combat logs are located in "My Documents/Star Wars - The Old Republic/CombatLogs".