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01.16.2013 , 09:07 PM | #1
Yes, Im new, So please only answer if you have USEFUL advice, not to bash me.

First off, This is my first melee class in any online game.
I usually play healers or caster dps.

Im wanting to try a warrior, however, Im looking for something with good survivability, I have no desires to tank no matter which tree i go.
I pvp quite often, solo questing.
So my question, based on those things, which way is best for me to go Jugg or mara?

I know mostly playing is based on the player, i am a fast learner at most classes I play, im just wanting to know which is most enjoyable and get the jobs done that im wanting to do, such as alot of PVP, solo questing, and survivability, i hate grouping for quests lol unless its 4 player quests. Most 2 players i can solo on most classes with upgraded gear and the right companion .