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I already mentioned my dissatisfaction with the solution, to the developers by posting it here, I don't presume to work for the developers nor do I presume to tell them how, I simply pointed out some glaring facts and spoke concerning liability and ownership of a problem and how this solution is not complete and all encompassing.

Who you are or why you feel I'm debating you or even attempting to engage in conversation with you other than to address that you and a few others continue trying to tell some of us what we should do and how we should think is beyond me?

Please comment on the issue but leave the attempts at controlling people behind.
I'll give some polite discussion on the topic one more try here. Cause, heck, why not.

Now, clearly you think that the solution they've offerred isn't sufficient, but you won't say what actually would be a good soution. So I'm guessing they should just keep trying stuff until you find one you like?

I don't think the solution they offerred is perfect. It would be really nice if they were to reimburse those costs. However, given the openness of communication on the topic and the attempt at a resoltuion, I'm willing to call this one done. (That would be commenting on the issue.)
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