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This sounds like an assumption as I've never seen a dev say that. It would actually be somewhat easier to use 4 or 5 already recorded Selath phrases and make the player read. Also what I've always thought they should do for non-basic speaking races is give a toggle as to whether that toons speaks basic or speaks their native language (I'd like them to reverse this for some current races, Twliek for example).

That's all assuming we ever get a non-basic race, which is a giant if right now.
No, not assumption:

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Except it was the Voice Director that stated that all Player Characters will speak Basic, therefore any Playable Species must be able to Speak Basic:

WB = Will Beckman, Voice Director
DH = Darth Hater

DH: We have been told that players have the option of making their characters a non-human species. Will all players be voiced in galactic basic, be it English, French, or German, or will some be able to speak in an alien language, similar to Jory in the Bounty Hunter demo?

WB: The players will have the option of creating non-human player characters. However all of the player characters will speak basic as much of the entertainment in the conversations comes from the player character responses.