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Hi everyone, as Damion mentioned in an earlier forum post, this was incredibly important for the development team to resolve. We think that we’ve found the best solution for all users affected by the changes made to the Spymaster, Phantom, Trailblazer, and Preceptor outfits in Patch 1.6.2. In Game Update 1.7 (which should be going live in the next month or so), we are going to offer versions of the aforementioned outfits as they appeared before the 1.6.2 changes in addition to the current versions that appear in the Cartel Market Packs. Players will be able to obtain (via Cartel Packs) both the “Classic” (pre 1.6.2) versions of the outfits and the current versions (post 1.6.2).

What about players who already purchased this before the 1.6.2 changes? Or even the players that enjoy the new looks? We’re going to do what’s best for all and in the next major Game Update, any player that has any pieces of the four outfits (Spymaster, Phantom, Trailbazer, and Preceptor) will receive the “Classic” version (pre 1.6.2) of those pieces as well, at no extra cost.

We will scan the bank, currently equipped items, and personal mail to check for the pieces to these outfits, so be sure to remove them from a Guild Bank before then (don’t worry, we will let people know well ahead of time when the next Game Update will go live). If we find that you own these pieces, we will mail you the “Classic” versions of these items. These extra outfit pieces will be unbound, so you may do whatever you like with them. If an item is on the GTN during the maintenance when we make this change, the auction will be canceled and you will receive both versions of the item in the mail after we come back out of maintenance.

We feel that this is the best possible design decision to make all of our players happy and we will continue to improve our internal processes in order to prevent a situation like this from happening again.

Thank you for your patience, and thank you for continuing to support Star Wars: The Old Republic.
Kudos to you guys! This was along the lines of what I've been suggesting all along. I'm grateful Bioware has more imagination than those players who kept arguing mindlessly as if it had to be one way or the other, never thinking for a moment that they can simply make TWO versions of the outfits to satisfy both parties as I've been saying.