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Anyone who tells you to cap ranked warzone comms and regular warzone comms before hitting 50 is wrong. There are only so many comms you can carry and you're going to want that min/maxed War Hero right away. Instead, do this.

Purchase a 900 comm weapon from the weapon vendor right next to the PvP terminals. It has a two hour played time timer on it, as in, two hours logged in and it binds. After an hour of PvP, sell the weapon back to the vendor, receive your 900 comms back, buy the weapon again, refresh the timer. The timer only ticks while you're logged in, so no worries there as long as you just PvP and you're anal about the timers. Keep buying weapons, keep cycling them, over and over. When I dinged 50 on my Sentinel not long ago I had something like 50 weapons in my inventory, by selling these back to the weapon vendor I was able to fully Min/Max myself in WH before I stepped foot in a 50 Warzone, as well as pick up my EWH MH and get a big chunk done on my OH.

You're welcome.
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