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007 Versus Class
007.1 Marauder
007.2 Juggernaut
007.3 Sniper
007.4 Powertech
007.5 Mercenary
007.6 Assassin
007.7 Operative
007.8 Sorcerer

We all know marauders are extremely OP- that's been fact for almost a year now, and it's not going to change. In this section I'm going to go over how to handle certain classes, and what to look for while fighting them. Understand that even if you play perfectly, our tools are ultimately only going to stave off our deaths a bit longer- if you come up against a competent, geared player of just about any other class, they have the upper hand, so don't get discouraged if you feel you're dying too easily- that's just how the game is.

That said- there are ways to confound other classes and survive a little longer, and this section will go over them.

007.1 Marauder

There's a million of them, they're easy to play, they do absurd damage and you cannot get away from them- marauders may not be the most challenging class to survive, however they're up there and they will be the most common class you'll have to deal with.

Important thing to remember about marauders is they have no bad spec- all three of their specs are OP and can make short work of you. Annihilation though is a bit easier because you can purge a decent chunk of their damage.

Most important thing to keep in mind against a marauder is when to use your control. Forget about killing a mara- that's someone else's job- keep force slow up whenever you can, mez if you can, always keep bubble up since that's your best tool.

Main difference is going to be between combat and rage- how do you tell them apart? If you're rooted while they master strike, it's combat- if you're paying very close attention, combat has Ataru Form, rage has shii-cho which is blue, and annihilation has juyo which is orange-red.

Your priority against a marauder is going to be to move- they have a very short CD interrupt, and do too much damage in melee range for you to ever hope to outheal/get heals off against them. If a mara is on you, MOVE- do NOT stand still, ever.

Marauders have an overabundance of roots- combat unfortunately you won't always be able to get away from. Keep in mind a few things.

Mara won't white bar you, and if you're white barred it doesn't matter to them- in turn, your stun break is of little use against a marauder- though if they're rage, if you can hit it and overload fast you can prevent them from building singularity stacks. Generally- save your stun break for the classes that will destroy you while you're stunned, or, for when you're being ganged up on (don't let someone force choke you while another mara beats up on your for example).

People like to say 'just stun/counter the mara's best moves', problem is- mara have so many huge damage attacks, CC, defensives that it is impossible to use your CC without screwing up trying to control them- so, don't worry about it so much.

When you are rooted by a mara, use purge first- it's low CD, and hopefully it'll free you so you can run away. If it doesn't work, use overload to build some space. If that doesn't help or you get locked up again, or your GCD is up- use force speed, since it's off the GCD and will break roots. Try to find something to stand behind, like a pillar- or, someone, like a jugg.

When possible- rely on the bubble stun over electrocute due to the resolve difference- electrocute white bars a mara too fast, and a white barred mara is an unstoppable killing machine. You're going to have to rely heavily on abilities while moving, and using pillars to get off casts- since trying to cast in melee means they'll interrupt, and trying to cast while at range means they'll leap... which has an interrupt on it,

If you knock someone off a ledge- get away from the ledge before the root's up, or they'll just leap back at you.

If a mara is on a team mate- overload them off. Interrupt force choke when you can.

Things to keep in mind; purge people they mez, do not clump up for two reasons- smash being the main one, but when you need to move for example during transitions in voidstar a single mara can mez half a team easily. Always get far from ravage- it says the range is 4m, but once it starts casting the range jumps to 10-15m, so you have to get pretty far away or the last tick will hit you.

Smash can do 7k auto crit, ravage can do up to 10k- vicious throw can do up to 5k, deadly throw and force scream have range can do nasty damage too- which means even if you do get away, they can still throw back to back damage on you that can hit for almost half your health with luck. You cannot out-last their resource since it is endless, and they have so many CDs that you won't outlast those either.

Remember- you are going to need overload, bubble stun and force speed badly to survive- so try to purge first and move without using them before you have to, but don't be afraid to use them the moment your health starts to drop- especially against ravage. Purge force crush and any snare immediately- try your best to keep them away from you.

Against multiple mara the strategy doesn't change much- though you may prioritize force speed even more. Remember- they can take half your health away in a blink of an eye, so if you get near 10k health, go into emergency mode and start spamming whatever it takes to stay alive.

007.2 Juggernaut

Juggs aren't too different from mara- chances are you'll see rage juggs which do absurd damage, and tank juggs which can't die.

Force push is very annoying, sadly there's no real counter for it- and it keeps you stunned no matter what when you land so don't bother trying to force speed out of it. Juggs are also using a rage spec which drops crush but picks up CC immunity after each leap- this is very bad for us since it means our bubble will pop without any effect, and if you overload right away you've wasted your CC on them. Once you notice a jugg like this- be extra careful to wait 5 seconds before using CC on them- it does mean you'll eat some smashes unfortunately. A big shield appears over them while they're CC immune, so thankfully it's fairly obvious.

Tank juggs are simply hard to kill, not really your concern- though they have enhanced control and still do great damage, so if one is on you expect to be tossed around like a pinball. There's very little you can do- just follow the same strat for mara, and hope for the best.

007.3 Sniper

Move out of sight immediately. Snipers can unleash some of the nastiest burst combos in the game- and then immobilize you while they finish you off. If a sniper has their sights on you, chance are they already have a dot and a set up on you- the moment you start being hit, move behind a pillar, out of range, over the lip of a ramp. The good thing is, snipers tend to use easy to cover positions themselves and bottlenecks- meaning they're generally in a position where it's fairly easy for you to take cover from them as well.

Purge I think won't work on their root- I believe it's a tech ability- so you may have to force speed out of it. They have no ranged stun thankfully, and after the root you should be home free.

Once you find a place to take cover- you can heal fairly easily- usually they'll find another target, and you can return to what you were doing before. You can also pester them while using pillars, because they rarely want to move since that makes them a leap target. If you can find something to hide behind, a sniper shouldn't be an issue for you.

007.4 Powertech

These are like mobile snipers- their burst combos are bad too, and their dots are so easy to put up there's almost no point in trying to purge. They can kill you very fast, have some range so they can pop your bubble at a distance, and very little in your arsenal really stops them- KB root and they just use ranged abilities, force speed and they grapple.

They are generally going to be pyrotech. The only good thing is they die fast themselves- so, try your best to make a PT someone else's problem, DPS specifically. Another thing is, they ignore armour so much that your own lack of armour doesn't make you much easier to kill than a tank for them- small consolation.

Close range they have rocket punch, flame burst, two stuns- so while dangerous at range, they're better melee- so still, try to keep them far from you.

007.5 Mercenary

Interrupt tracer missile, heatseeking missile. I can't tell you much about how to deal with mercs because a- I never see them anymore, and b- they're pretty much never an issue 1v1. Keep in mind though- unchallenged, they hit very hard, so do try to cut off their abilities and get allies to take care of them. They die fast and pretty much suck- if you keep them interrupted, even as a healer you can beat them fairly effortlessly.

007.6 Assassin

Sins may actually be the hardest class to handle- you just will never know since they're not common and they're actually difficult to play well unlike mara, juggs and PT.

They have pretty much every ability we have- they'll force speed match you, KB interrupt, etc... but, they also have a few things that make them impossible to shake. Their immunity pretty much neuters our control, and they have an offensive pull. They also hit insanely hard- it's not uncommon to take a 6k+ hit from one. Add to that stealth and stuns, and they can come out of nowhere and rip you to shreds.

Your best bet is to just keep running and trying to get away, and hope someone else can take one off of you- because you are NOT going to escape a good assassin, your best bet is going to be to get away just a little longer. Same strategy as usual- get away, heal up when you can, use instants and control when you can- stun break when you get stunned.

For both stealthers- if you feel one is near, force storm is likely your best option- overload is indeed better, however, if you miss you've really hurt your chances. Try to stay in combat/get in combat when a stealther is near, their out of combat mez is rediculous.

007.7 Operative

These are like sin light- they can destroy you too, don't underestimate a good one- but their gap closing tools aren't as good and they aren't as much of a threat. Your CC is well equipped to deal with them- if you can handle sins and mara, it'll be easy to handle an operative.

Just be aware of two stealthed stunlocking operatives, they make people ragequit the game.

007.8 Sorcerer

You shouldn't have any difficulty with sorcs- you can purge madness damage and interrupt FL spam easily, and lightning- purge affliction, interrupt LS and you gut the class. Honestly, I have never lost a 1v1 against a sorc since 1.2- it's so easy to keep a DPS from healing themselves, while slowly chipping away their health, and a fight against another heal sorc simply ends up being like two holy pallies duelling- endless.

Sorcs get one chance to do some good burst every 90 seconds- so when you see recklessness, get ready for your emergency heals... chances are though, you won't need it. Madness- heal after DF, purge creeping terror and crushing darkness especially- lightning, interrupt and keep affliction off you and TB/lightning barrage are neutered.

To pester heal sorcs- interrupt DI, overload DI or innervate, if they have a bubble up hit it with shock, lightning strike, CL- your allies will thank you for popping the stun at a distance.

At times- killing healers is more important than healing- heal sorcs are going to be the easiest for you to add some damage too- remember, affliction can buffer against purge so other debuffs don't get purged, force slow keeps them less mobile which as discussed is bad for sorcs, and it's very easy to interrupt a sorc- KB root is a great way to keep a sorc an easy target.