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006 How to be a Team Player
006.1 Static Barrier
006.2 Purge
006.3 Overload, Whirlwind and Electrocute
006.4 Triage

So I've gone over the basics on pvp survival- but ultimately sorcs are a class which has subpar ability to get abilities off, and subpar damage. I also pointed out that your survival hinges as much on your allies as it does on yourself- and ultimately you are a healer, so hopefully your intention is to keep your allies alive whenever possible.

006.1 Static Barrier

Yes, static barrier, the wonder ability at the beginning of every rotation. Ultimately, this ability doesn't have all that much strategy to it- you put it on people when they don't have it on them, simple as that. Generally- wait until it pops to refresh, it has a 30 second duration but 17 second cooldown mechanic- but if you predict you won't have much time, or are leaving the area, or simply cycling- it never hurts to throw it on someone regardless. Keep in mind while I am talking about a hybrid sorc with backlash- ultimately, even without backlash this is still your best ability, and you'll mostly follow the same strategy for its use.

Yet, there is a priority to the ability- it's pretty simple too- if it pops on someone, use it on them first, generally they're under attack. As well- if you see someone being swarmed by melee- use it, not only does that person likely need the protection, but the stun will be maximized that way.

Before you start healing someone- static barrier, every time. If I myself am not under attack- I barrier everyone else first- that way I also know, if I don't have the barrier- it's time to renew on everyone.

"OK Fungihoujo, is there ever a point where you wouldn't want to refresh static barrier on everyone?"

Sort of- ultimately, your order goes something like this.

Static Barrier people getting killed>Heal people getting killed>Static Barrier people taking casual damage>Heal people taking casual damage>Static Barrier anyone else

Priority almost always given to yourself when under attack.

Static Barrier also has a 1.5 second GCD- so if you're putting the barrier on five people, that's 7.5 seconds- move during that time. You want to stay at the edge for the most part- however, if you are being targetted while at the edge- run through the melee and hope your pursuers get caught up.

It is important to note that the stun bubble can be used offensively as well. Let's say you just lost your barrier, you don't have overload, you have two mara on you- run to someone with the stun bubble on them. Ya, that might get your ally smashed- but it will not only CC your pursuers temporarily, with any luck your ally will get pissed off and start CCing/attacking them too- always prioritize running to a tank since they might even taunt.

Basically- at edge, moving always, duck behind things to heal self up- when targetted, run to melee, give a moment for a stun bubble to go off, run out of melee to the edge again.

Static barrier also has an offensive and defensive power in warzones- I'll get more into good ways to use it later, but for the most part- remember it's a low resolve stun, and is perfect for when you need to hinder people in a bottleneck- in fact, it may be the third most useful ability for bottleneck trolling an enemy team after aoe mezzes and pretty much everything snipers do. (that aoe snare juggs do is pretty good as well).

Unfortunately- as said before, there isn't too much strategy involved in using static barrier on teammates- you use it when you can because it's good- this ability however is best on healers and melee- because they're the most likely to be in melee range.

Remember as well- as of now, this ability can be clicked for an on demand stun- I don't suggest it, if you have someone on your tail chances are they'll pop it- and you'll have prevented 4k damage too. However- sometimes you need CC more than you need survival- bottleneck situations and preventing the other team from interfering with a node cap are the two most prominent. It's cheap- but so are half the things your enemies are doing, so don't feel bad about being cheap.

006.2 Purge

I've gone over when to purge yourself- and your UI is huge on knowing how to purge allies. Unfortunately, I do not have a list of what abilities fall under mental, force, physical and tech to let you know what you can/can't purge- I really wish I did.

When purging allies- mezzes are very obvious and thus prioritized, stuns and roots are high on the list too. For dots- sniper dots are the worst, mostly because of cull, PT dots and mara dots are pretty rough- purging sorc dots can neuter madness entirely, but also can prevent lightning barrage procs and force the caster to waste more mana.

Your number one concern though is going to be getting force crush purged immediately- it leads to 7k smash- however, this isn't as easy as it sounds, due to many factors. Sometimes it's worth it just to throw out purge when someone's being swarmed- chances are they have something on them, and if you're moving and have nothing else to do- might as well.

A better dots UI or add ons would make this ability so much easier to use.

006.3 Overload, Electrocute, Whirlwind

Whirlwind sadly has a cast time- but when you can get it off, remember that it breaks upon sneezing. Never throw it on someone who's dotted up, that just gives them free resolve- in fact, most of the time WW ends up giving free resolve, so try not to use on an enemy near the fighting.

Good targets? Any healer not being attacked- this shouldn't be happening, but I am talking normals after all- so it will be. When you're alone, pretty much anyone attacking you- remember the cast time though means most classes won't let you get it off. Another good target is anyone between nodes, or who hasn't gotten to the melee yet- if they're far from the fight, chances are better no idiot ally's going to break it.

The absolute best use of WW though is for caps- I've had a lot of success using this little trick. Run up to enemy who's alone, get close to node- stun them, get to other side of node and start capping.

9 times out of 10 they will CC break.

Whirlwind them- other side of node, cap- they can't do anything but watch their node change sides. This is pretty much the only way I've managed to solo cap nodes- overloading someone off the platform can do it too.

Overload I consider much more valuable than the other two- not only is it multi target, but the root is almost like a mini mez with no resolve- basically, roots are the best CC in the game for that specific reason. Even if your enemy is white barred- overload won't KB, but it'll still root them for 2-5 seconds.

Now, of course overload is great for knocking people off things, or protecting yourself- but how does it work for allies?

It can herd enemies together for team aoe, while rooting them. It also is a handy aide for when a teammate is being plowed- a gaggle of mara/juggs being knocked off someone gives you time to heal them and them time to run for their lives.

If you have mara/jugg allies- overload breaks cover- giving them a chance to leap a sniper.

Electrocute not only is defensive, but keeping a near dead foe stunned, especially a slippery one with combat stealth or a good escape- can be as useful to allies as stunning someone about to kill an ally so you can heal them first. Just remember- it has a huge resolve cost.

006.4 Triage

Healers and tanks and DPS oh my!

Who do you help first when you can't save them all? This is one instance where revivification can be a great tool- cause you might not have to choose, you can just save them all at once.

Otherwise though- there's a benefit to each.

Healers keep you alive better than anyone else- and are likely more valuable to your survival than even tanks are- in general, I prioritize healing up another healer under fire.

A tank that guards you is a rare thing- but if they do their survival is linked to your own- so, reward them with healing. Even one not guarding you- is a good target for enemies and thus not you, and has good control. If they're keeping enemies off of you- you can heal more, so keep them alive.

DPS aren't low on the list either though- after all, 4 enemies do more damage for you to heal than 3 enemies and one of those is running for his life. Just remember not to heal sins who are using their defensive- it kills your healing. Mara who pop UR though are great to heal- they're immune, so you know they aren't going to die while you're casting that long DI. I love snipers- they counter mara/juggs, and if you stand on the other side of them, it makes your worst enemies unable to reach you- plus they're pretty defensive too with all their bonuses- in general, they may be my favourite DPS class to ally up with. Just don't stand close to them- leapers will use you as a leap target to get to them.

So, it would seem ultimately that I've just said to prioritize everyone- which doesn't help much. Ultimately though- keep in mind what your allies do for you. Someone with 20k health is likely more useful for you than someone with 15k health- a dps sorc or merc probably isn't going to dish out that much or provide much of a distraction as they'll crumple under fire.

Objectives first, your life second- so, consider who is the best for your current objective.

If you're on the offense- that's almost always your best DPS- they're the ones who are going to take the node and clear out the enemies, not other healers. This game revolves around blitzing- so keep that in mind. In fact, on the offense sometimes even you should be DPSing over healing- in which case, kill their healers first.

If you're on the defense- it's the opposite, you want your tank and healers to stay alive, and to focus more on control than damage in general. When you do damage- you'll likely want to hit their strongest DPS- but usually while on defense you want to do nothing but heal. If your door or node is safe, keep alive and distant- remember all it takes is one ally to stop caps, so harrying the enemy while your allies respawn is vital in that case.

Huttball kinda messes things up- sadly you have little use on defense- I'll go over it more later though. In general- keep your ball handler alive.

Overall- you'll notice good players quickly, keep them alive more. Remember, keeping someone alive who dies fast is less efficient than keeping someone alive who dies slowly- chances are you can keep a sniper and jugg alive with the same effort as it would take to keep a single DPS sorc alive.

Snipers are your best defensive DPS, juggs and sins are both great bulky dps/tanks to keep alive, and if you want high burst marauders are your best bet- PTs are great too, just remember they're a bit squishy compared to the others. For healers- anyone under fire, or a good healer that moves is a better target- ultimately, heal operatives first- they're the best healers, and you don't need another stun bubble sorc all that much- however, healing any healer is a worthwhile use of your power since our best synergy and best ability to keep alive is with another healer helping us out.