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005 Survival as a Hybrid Sorcerer

This is probably what you wanted to know all along- how do we survive? The last time there was a study on ranked pvp, someone took data from about 400 matches, compiled it- and found that sorcerers die more than any other class- at an average of 10/match. Marauders died the least at 5/match.

First off, you're probably frustrated, wondering why it seems you're always dying- well, here's why.

We have 20% mitigation against kinetic/energy damage- this means on an attack that would do 10000 damage against a bunny, we'd take 8k damage. A marauder is going to be taking around 30% less damage- so 7k. A PT will take about 35% less damage, so 6.5k- a tank will take around 55% less damage, so 4.5k.

That in theory doesn't sound so bad- sure, a tank takes way less, but they're tanks- and we're not too far off of a mara or PT.

However- we also don't have talents reducing damage we take. At most you'll get a tiny bit less damage- but for the most part, we take it all, and we take it all the time since there's zero defensives too.

A PT can use energy shield to give them 60% mitigation for a while- a marauder can proc numerous things, including CoP which gives them 50% mitigation for half a minute, and of course UR which simply gives immunity to damage.

So in a pinch- other classes are taking 4-5k damage for decent periods of time from attacks that we take 8k damage from- that is a big difference. And that's why when we get 3 people on us, we're toast- when other classes do, they might survive out the burst, get an escape off and get away or get a heal.

Our survivability thus relies mostly on control and mobility.

005.1 A Sorc's Guide to Surviving a Juggrauder Smashpocalypse.

1- Keep Static Barrier up at all times.

2- Take a look at the rotations I posted above- ultimately, you're going to be using a mixture of mobility and staying still- try to blow your mobile CDs while you reposition and spam DI when you get breathing room.

When facing a single target- be careful with your CC- electrocute fills up resolve very fast, and only buys you one guaranteed cast, don't whirlwind someone who's been dotted or is near battle- an ally will break it.

3- Generally- expect to get one heal off for every defensive maneuver- and by heal I mean DI. If you don't have room to manage a DI, try a force bending DH or innervate. Any time you take more than 30% health in a GCD- generally as a result of a smash or two DPS focusing on you- run for cover. While moving, using static barrier, resurgance, UP if you drop below 50%. Use Overload to give yourself some space, run until you find a pillar to hide behind, immediately start DI.

Basically this- DI if you have a few seconds, if you don't- force bending DH and innervate.

4- Your main hope is to not be targetted- if the enemy team ignores you, your sustained healing is pretty much top in the game. Stay on your side of the node, as far as possible, stay close to something to use for cover- and there's no such thing as overreacting when something starts attacking you. At the first sign of being rooted- purge yourself. If you're rooted again, force speed away. Stunbreak when you have multiple people on you, or when you're in a stun and have full resolve.

5- Don't stunbreak for a mez unless your companion needs healing now, or they're going for a cap. The only thing more important than your own survival is interrupting caps- however, while you have allies near, the enemy has more targets than you- so remember that.

If your node is fine without you on it- feel free to run away- best case scenario you get a few seconds to heal up, worst case, they chase you and you've distracted some enemies for a while.

6- Use your allies as a shield, and CC. Remember- you have static barrier on all of them. If you have two mara on you, run through your teammates- chances are they'll throw out KBs, or their bubble will pop and stun them- which gives you breathing room. Even better- run by tanks, hope the tank taunts/guards/pulls- it's important to remember that as a sorc, your survivability is more in your ally's hands than in yours- so sometimes, you need to put yourself in your allies hands when they aren't taking the initiative.

Don't linger too long though- you don't want to get too close or everyone gets smashed- remember that smash alone dictates everything in pvp because it's an absurd ability.

If someone isn't protecting you and too far away- extricate them and you have bait, like tripping your friend to get away from a bear.

7- Don't be afraid to node switch when you're in trouble- just don't leave a node alone. For example- if there's 4 enemies and allies at both Voidstar doors, and 2 mara have jumped you- run to the other node. They might follow, they might not- but that'll give you time to survey the other node, drop statics on your allies there, heal up- and then return if you're not needed. Generally, whenever I see a node looks like it'll survive without me- we have 3 defenders at full health, they have 2 attackers at half health for example- I move to the next node especially if I see activity there- keep in mind people don't call incomings, trust noone.

8- Map awareness- KB is great for knocking people off of things, or behind things. Also- consider where you stand. Standing by a node or being front of the pack means you're likely to be attacked- hiding half behind a Novare bunker, behind pillars in VS, under the ramps in Alderaan/on the ramps can all make you less visible, and thus less popular of a target. Careful about acid and fire in huttball- general rule of thumb, avoid the hazard ramps- you're too weak to handle them, they're like the cornucopia in Hunger Games and you're Rue. Stay off the warpath of juggs/mara- they're nazgul, you're Frodo.

9 In general- follow this.
Objective>Survival>Allies>Killing Things
There's going to be of course some exceptions, generally in specific WZs- but I'll get to those when I talk specifically about WZs.

So- weave between staying still and moving, keep static up and reposition often, use allies as shields, get a DI off after every CC, or move to your more emergency heals, run away like Harrison Ford from a boulder, when it doubt play hide and seek.