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004 UI Overview

This is something that will differ from person to person- ultimately, you have to use what works best for you.

Main things I'll suggest though when it comes to the UI are going to be things that will make healing your party easier, and prioritizing hotkeys.

In a warzone you're going to be healing a lot of people- so, you'll need to have them in a spot that you can easily reach them, without blocking your field of vision- in the interface editor, a WZ team falls under operation frames. You'll probably want their health text showing- another thing you will want to be able to see is ally debuffs- specifically you're looking for force crush- it's a sad state, but any other debuff you want to purge fast on an ally is going to be obvious (mezzes, if they can't move a root)- force crush isn't so obvious, yet is perhaps the most important debuff to purge since it boosts the most powerful ability in the game- smash.

You may have to play around with it for a while- or simply accept it's too much of a pain to purge effectively and you have other things to pay attention to.

Another UI thing is hotkeys- this is big.

Again- you might not use the same hotkeys I do, but I'll give some tips.

- Have anything you use often readily available- that means somewhere you can easily press. I know not everyone is able to keep everything hotkeyed, so I'll list of abilities you definitely should have readily available.

Stun Breaker>Static Barrier>Force Speed>Overload>Unnatural Preservation>Purge>Resurgance>Extrication

These are pretty much absolute musts- rule of thumb, hotkey instants and things off the GCD first- I have those abilities hotkeyed to S, F, B, V, G, H, R, Y.

You probably won't need S to move backwards, backpeddling is pretty much never necessary. QWE to strafe and move forward- if possible, A,D can be hotkeyed, or use them to turn with the mouse- most prefer mouse only for turning, it's considerably faster- though in turn, if you need to target something with your mouse having AD for turning can help.

After that- you should also have these hotkeyed.
Dark Infusion>Innervate>Dark Heal>Lightning Strike>Shock>Recklessness>Electrocute>Whirlwind>Jo lt>Affliction>Potion>Force Slow>Chain Lightning>Force Lightning>Crushing Darkness>Force Storm

1,2,shift-R,4,6,A,D,shift-D,shift-V,T,shift-F, shift-T, 3, 5, 7, N.

You might find it hard to use the shift key- in which case, put situational abilities like jolt, force slow, potion, recklessness or abilities you have to stand still for on shift- and if necessary, click those abilities. Small warning though- do not put abilities like revivification, force storm, death field somewhere where you'll click or is hard to use while also moving- remember you have to not only hit the ability, but also the field where you want to use it, so always have those 3 abilities (if you have them) somewhere you know you can hotkey press them fast.

For me- I'm good with everything up to 6yhn- so I sometimes have a bit more trouble with crushing darkness- but it's a stationary ability anyway.

If you have a special mouse- this may be even less of an issue for you- I find it's hard to shift-number, the easiest for me to use shift with is rfv, then edc and tgb.

TLR- hotkey abilities you have to use on the run, desperately (stun break, purge, emergency heal), or often first- hotkey rare situational abilities or unmoving abilities last, with the exception of abilities you must aim like force storm.