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003 Ability Overviews
003.1 Healing
003.2 Utility
003.3 DPS
003.4 Rotations

003.1 Healing Abilities

Note- I'll be using my own stats, buffed, and the 21/20/0 spec when I bring up numbers, your numbers may be different depending on your gear, and they should be higher if you are full corruption as well.

Dark Heal
-1.4 second cast time 50 force cost
- heals 1750/3100 with crit out of combat, with expertise debuff heals 1385/2450, with deadly throw trauma debuff heals 1100/1960
- Auto crits with force bending up, which makes it a heal of 49hp/force or 1750/second
- Without bending, heals on average 1760, which is a heal of 35hp/force or 1260/second

DH ends up being superior to DI in the following situations
- You have the force bending buff and someone is being burst down, or, you have the buff and force is less of an issue at the moment than health restored
- DI has been interrupted, or you are worried about being interrupted and need a quicker heal (ie- someone is smashing your face in)

Dark Infusion
-2.3 second cast time 55 force cost
- heals 3500/6200 with crit out of combat, with expertise debuff heals 2765/4900, with deadly throw debuff heals 2210/3900
- heals on average 3510, meaning 64hp/force, 1526/second
- costs 30% less with force bending (37 force) which means 95hp/force, 1526/second

As you can immediately see- with force bending, dark heal gives you more healing/second- but no matter what, DI gives much more healing/force point. This makes DI both better to spam for efficiency, and dark heal is worse for amount healed except for when you have force bending up.

Basically- DI is superior to DH in the following situations.
- You're healing for a sustained period of time
- You're trying to heal burst damage and know you can get your heals off, and the target won't die before you get DI off

It's important to note that even in a burst situation- after a force bending DH, DI still heals more per second and is thus better for keeping someone up. Simply put, DH's output is so low you won't outheal damage done with it like you can with DI.

- 2.75 second channel (4 ticks), 7.5 second cooldown (with the pve healing 2 set bonus- without, 9 second CD) 39 force cost
- heals per tick 1072/1885 with crit (4290/7540 total), with expertise 850/1490 (3400/5960), with deadly throw trauma 680/1190 (2720/4760)
- heals on average 1075/tick or 4300, which is 107.5hp/force or 1566/second
- with force bending has +25% crit chance, which means it'll heal on average for 1235/tick or 4935, which is 127hp/force or 1795/second

Even without force bending, this is your best heal/second, your best heal/force- and since it is channeled you're guaranteed to get some of it off. With force bending this heal is even better.

Prioritizing this heal
- This heal is number one in every situation except for when it is on cooldown, however, if nobody is under serious danger of dying, you may at times want to hold back on using this so it'll be there when you need it
- The only other situation is when you think you're going to need to keep moving- it lasts a while, and while you shouldn't worry about the costs- if you have to move halfway through that is a partly wasted CD
- If this heal didn't have a cooldown, you could take DH and DI off your cast bar entirely

Innervate is simply amazing- it is efficient, it heals harder, it always gets at lest part of a heal off, and it's your best emergency heal as well. I use it whenever I have a few moments to stand still to heal someone who's dropping fast, or for healing myself in a pinch.

- 15 force cost, 1.5 second GCD, 5 second CD
- The heal on here is irrelevant, you aren't using this ability to heal yourself, you're using it to dispel three types of debuffs- Force, Mental, Physical. This cannot dispel tech debuffs. (note- heals about 400/700 in pvp combat for those who want to know)
I wish I had a list of all the abilities this can debuff- if anyone does that would be very useful. I'll get more into purge when I talk about survival. Some basic tips for this- get used to using it on yourself first, as well as your healing target, in particular ball carriers.

Your best use of this is going to be for dispelling crowd control- on yourself, mostly roots- this can save you big time when a jugg/mara leaps you. It can also purge snares for when you find yourself hobbling away. It can purge some CC on allies- some mezzes for example. Also, it can purge many DoTs.

It'll take some time getting used to figuring out which debuffs do what on you- but you'll notice easier being rooted or snared, or if someone's mezzed, or if damage is being done without being hit (often there's sound effects for it too)- there can also be so much more to focus on then that tiny debuff row- so my advice is, use your instincts. Throw it on yourself when you feel rooted/snared- eventually you'll learn where this helps and where it doesn't. It has a 5 second CD- sometimes it's best just to use it and hope it does what you want it too, especially when you're being pounded on by 3 guys and can't get a cast off anyway. In a case of DoTs- this is cheaper than healing the total damage of the dot, so yes it is worthwhile there too.

I'll try to go more into purge use later on.


- 30 force cost, 1.5 second GCD, 6 second CD
- lasts 15 seconds, boosts armour rating by 10% (on me, that gives me 1.5% more mitigation), initial heal 900/1700, HoT ticks 340/600 every 3 seconds, or 5 times for 2600/4700 total. In expertise that's 2055/3715, with trauma that's 1645/2975.
-Interestingly enough, this can be effected by recklessness- and I believe it adds 60% crit chance to the initial heal and the HoT ticks both
-The most important thing about this spell is it gives you force bending- which you'll likely alternate between Innervate and Dark Heal
- I won't go into the healing/second or force- this heal is efficient and great for a bit of extra healing, and you'll use it regardless for force bending
- Try to use this when you move, or to move while using this- it's instant, but it still triggers GCD so you have 1.5 seconds where the only thing you can do is move

However- when would you not use this, is a fair enough question.
- In a burst situation, this heal isn't going to save someone at the last second- if that's how desperate you are, innervate is going to be the one ability to get a heal off fast enough, and you may want to use this immediately after innervate, followed by DH
- The HoT lasts 15 seconds, the CD is 6 seconds- so do I want to put it back on someone who already has it? Ideally, if you did so, you'd want to try to hit them right after a tick, though that is likely not your biggest concern in pvp. Ideally as well, you'll want to try to HoT up a second or third target- but if you don't have that or nobody else is in great danger at that moment- you may want to keep focusing on your target. Ultimately? Yes, this is worth putting back on someone who already has it- not only for the initial heal, but because force bending is a buff you'll want to have every six seconds.

- 100 force cost, 1.8 second cast time, 15 second CD
- heals up to 8 (ie- your entire team) within 8m of the targetted area for 10 seconds (8m radius, 16m diameter)
- In any pvp build I'd suggest before or after bubble stun nerf- you will not have this ability. In a corruption build that does- I should note the heals on all abilities I've noted will be a bit higher- so I won't go over how much this ability costs per heal or whatever

If you do have it though, I'll give some pointers.
1- When you get a moment, try to cast it in a spot where you think allies are going to stand, and try to be at the edge of that circle so you benefit from it- this can be great when you're close to a node and everyone's gathered up
2- If you and your tank are both in this, that means he's within shield distance too
3- If even one target stays within this the whole duration, the cost and cast time is worth it- this also is a great thing for using on yourself when you need to do a few consumptions, since it'll heal a chunk of the damage you do to yourself

Yet- I do not suggest it, why?
- Well, you miss out on a lot of force regen and good CC to get it, that's the main reason- it is a good heal, and if you do have it you will use it often
- However, it is currently worth less than it should be due to smash. Before smash became so powerful, most aoe took time, so you might get two ticks before you can get out, or it wouldn't do too much damage instantly that playing keep away all the time was necessary- smash changed that; it is instant, and it's massive damage. In turn, that means players can't all stand in a heal like this anymore.
- even without smash, in WZ with plenty of movement, like huttball, you'll almost never have people stand inside of it

Static Barrier
- 35 force cost, 1.5 second GCD, 2 sec CD, 17 second lockout, lasts 30 seconds- despite being instant there is a slight delay in casting, you may notice this if you try placing it on someone under attack at 2k health, only to see them die half a second later, despite the melee swarming him not being stunned
- I can't tell you if this ability is effected by trauma, or exactly how much damage it prevents
- I can however tell you this is your best healing ability, period- with or without the bubble.

It is instant, I believe it prevents around 4-4.5k damage in my spec, it's cheap, and it's not a reactive heal. Simply put- your priority on someone who is being burst is always bubble first. In any situation where someone doesn't immediately need spam healing, your priority should be getting this on everyone on your team who doesn't have the lockout or bubble on them already.

Spam this on your team starting about 10 seconds before a match or less. Spam this whenever you are moving since this is pretty much all you can use while moving (and the HoT).

With the exception of you're trying to heal up someone who's dying fast- there's next to no reason to not have this up on everyone you can.

Unnatural Preservation
- no cost, 1.5 second GCD, 30 second CD
- With the buff from Dark Resilience, this heals about the same amount as DI, maybe a little more- it can be recklessness boosted
- This is great to throw in when you're healing someone else and need to heal up a bit of damage, or when you're on the move- and of course, when you're in fear of dying, this is probably going to be all that can save you- if you have the time and breathing space to use DI, DH crit or innervate- use those first- remember this is like a defensive CD for us

I use this mostly when I'm dying fast and DI just got interrupted, or while I'm running away and static barrier is on lock out.

003.2 Utility
-cost 15% of your health, 1.5 second GCD, reduced force regen by 25% for 10 seconds- stacks 4 times. Regens 8% force
-If you are a pure, this is your main form of force regen, so you will want the talents to remove the force degeneration after innervate crits, and the talent to reduce health cost to 11%
-if I were a pure- this would cost me 2200 health and regenerate 48 force- at a cost of 46hp/force- note that this puts it relatively on par with Dark Heal's healing/force ratio if you have force bending up, and worse than dark heal normally- what does this mean? First off- this means just healing yourself, if you spam dark heal you'll die or go out of force faster than consumption regenerates force.

Second, it means it takes about 3 dark infusions to make up for 4 consumptions. This is precisely why I consider consumption a terrible mechanic- in order to get essentially one heal off that provides a net full DI's heal bonus to yourself, you'd have to spend over 12 seconds consuming and casting DI.

Innervate thankfully has better force management- but if you're using consumption, stand in your aoe heal- that heal is the only thing that makes consumption work at a rate that you can actually keep healing rather than killing yourself or going dry.

TLR- consumption blows in pvp.

- 10m range, 1 min CD
- Does minor damage (500/900) and stuns target for 4 seconds, gives normal resolve

Sadly the usefulness of this is more limited now- I'll go over uses in later sections. There's a talent in second tier madness which reduces CD by 10 seconds- I can't advise getting it.

- 30 force cost, 1 min CD, 30m range
- this pulls an ally to you, regardless of CC

I'll go into more detail on uses for this in later sections- it does have more uses than just huttball

Force Slow
- 15 force cost, 1.5 second GCD, 12 second CD
- does minor damage (700/1250), snares target by 50% for 6 seconds

Sadly, this is one of the game's worst snares- we're one of the few classes that can't perma snare, and the duration is garbage. This does have its purposes- will get into later.

Force Speed
- 20 sec CD, off of GCD
- increases movement speed by 150%, as a healer will also break roots on you and make you immune to them for duration

This is your escape, main two purposes are to get away from melee and break a root on you generally caused by a marauder- remember you can use purge to remove many roots too, but this is nice off the GCD and for if purge fails you.

This also gives you mobility around the battlefield- will talk more of this later.

- 12 sec CD, off of GCD, 30m range

Interrupts and gives a 4 second lock out. Main uses are to help out your DPS by interrupting a healer, to interrupt a channeled ability, to interrupt mainly merc offensive abilities like tracer missile, and to interrupt a smasher's force choke to give them less singularity.

- 20 sec CD, 1.5 second GCD
- does minor damage (700/1250) in a cone that's about 100 degrees before you, 15m range
- the knockback distance seems smaller than others, seems about 8m on flat ground

With hybrid talents, adds a 2 second root- up to 5 seconds if they take no damage. This is one of your best survival talents, is also great for breaking casts/captures, for getting people off an ally, for knocking people off of things- this can also be great for hindering enemies in some WZs- will go into more detail in later sections.


- 90 sec CD, off GCD, duration 20 seconds
- gives 60% crit for two abilities, you lose a charge whenever you use force lightning, innervate, resurgence and revivification- be warned, you can waste charges on stupid things too like your stun and overload- only thing I don't think wastes a charge is affliction

This is your burst ability- just remember, you can get dark heal and innervate crits far easier than other abilities- as a healer, your best two choices for using recklessness are Dark Infusion and Unnatural Preservation- both are big heals, both don't get crit bonuses. On the offensive- chain lightning and force lightning are your top two choices- if you don't have CL, use FL and shock- I could be wrong, but I don't think crushing gives you a crit bonus after the initial damage.

- 20 force cost, 1.8 cast time, 1 min CD
- a 6 second mez

- you can reduce the CD to 45 seconds in the lightning tree if you like the utility
- sadly this ability is the only mez with a cast time, and other than spammable stealth mezzes is also the only single target one- we got shafted hard here. That said- this still has its uses, which I'll go over later.

003.3 Damage Abilities

I'll be using my stats above, and the damage numbers I give will be buffed, on the WZ training dummy- I should note I never get damage like this in actual pvp- in pvp these numbers can be up to 50% less on tanks, and even lower against defensives.

- 34 force cost, 1.5 second GCD
- 15 second duration, 300/540 damage per tick, 5 ticks starting at 3 seconds, internal damage not mitigated by armour

This adds a little bit of damage- but except for those times you need to help with burst, there's two other reasons you'll be using this. One is to get lightning barrage procs if you specced that way. Two is to act as a purge buffer, to make it so someone purging your target has to waste it on affliction.

Needless to say, as a healer, this ability is very low on your priority list- without lightning barrage you might as well not use it, since it may actually do more bad than good by messing up a mez.

Chain Lightning

- 49 force cost, 6sec CD, 1.5 second GCD
- hits 5 targets within 8m of target
- does 1850/3400 damage (you'll see it hit for less than 1k on tanks, which is a bit depressing)- in an actual battle, I generally can get a hit of 3-3.2k at least once a WZ (this is your one chance to get a 2.5k damage medal)

Yes, it has a 2.75sec CD- never cast this. Only use this when you have the lightning storm debuff- which shows up around you looking like you're sparkling. If you have CL- this is good burst and aoe when it procs, otherwise it's a waste of time.

Crushing Darkness
- 39 force, 1.8 sec cast, 15 sec CD
- Deals 1000/1800 initial + 250/440 per second damage, kinetic so mitigated- for 6 seconds (so, 2500/4440)
- recklessness doesn't make the dots crit

This gives you some extra burst when you need it- no healing reason to use this.

Force Lightning

- 2.75sec channel, 30 force cost, 6sec CD
- ticks 4 times, including at 0 seconds, will tick twice as quickly if you have lightning barrage procced, snares target for 50%
- does 630/1100 per tick (2520/4400)- since one recklessness charge gives all for ticks 60% more crit chance, this is your best choice for recklessness most of the time if you're doing damage- is mitigated by armour

Force Storm
- 97 force, 5.5 second channel, 30m range, 8m radius- meaning you can hit people up to 38m away from you with this
- hits 5 targets, also gives a 30% snare for duration
- does 450/750 damage per tick

This can do some damage to a clump yes- at 3 targets this does better dps than LS spam. Generally you won't use this for damage though unless you see a big group in the area- but this has some definite reasons to use it- just remember the cost is huge, it's easier to use this when you have lightning effusion procced.

This is very likely to proc lightning storm for an instant CL if you use it on a group- this is also a great ability for preventing caps from far away or on a group of allies- I'll go more into that later.

Lightning Strike
- 30 force cost, 1.4 second cast
- mitigated by armour, does 1100/1950

Main use of this isn't the damage- the CL procs are a good reason- but more importantly, this is your main proc for lightning effusion and more importantly subversion.

You want to, as much as possible, keep subversion at 3 stacks- you get a stack each time you use LS, it lasts 10 seconds. So, try to get in the habit of putting 3 stacks up quickly, then throwing another LS in every 7 seconds. This takes less priority than healing someone up- but if nobody's in immediate danger of dying, it's a good idea to throw out out there- especially if you're going low on mana.

- 44 force, 1.5 sec GCD, 6sec CD
- mitigated by armour, does 1200/2100 damage

Generally, you want to tail shock onto a cast spell, or use while moving- putting it right after an LS if CL isn't procced, or right after crushing. Main use for shock though is to disrupt a cap- it's long range and instant damage.

003.4 Rotations
Rotations don't have quite as much rigidity to them in pvp as in pve, especially as a hybrid- but, rotations are still there and useful, so I'll go over some basic ones. These aren't set in stone- adapt to your situations.

Healing, no pressure
Static Barrier>Dark Infusion>Purge (when needed)>Lightning Strike 3 subversion procs>Resurgance>Force Bending Dark Heal>Innervate

Healing, target under burst

Static Barrier>Innvervate>Force Bending Dark Heal>Dark Infusion>Resurgance>Purge (in case of debuffs)>Dark Heal

Healing, you're being targetted
Static Barrier>Purge (root only)>Dark Infusion>Force Bending Dark Heal>Resurgance>Innervate>Purge (other reasons)

Healing, you're being burst bad
Static Barrier>Unnatural Preservation>Force Speed>Innervate>Force Bending Dark Heal>Purge (roots)>Overload>Electrocute>Dark Heal (expecting to be interrupt)>Dark Infusion

Low on Force

Static Barrier>Lightning Strike>Resurgance>Innervate>Dark Infusion>Force Bending Dark Heal

On the Move, not dying
Static Barrier>Resurgance>Purge (roots, mezzes)>Overload>Purge>Force Slow>Electrocute

On the Move, dying

Static Barrier>Unnatural Preservation>Overload and find cover>Purge (snares)>Resurgance>Electrocute>Force Speed

Damage Dealing, casual
Chain Lightning (instant)>Shock>Force Lightning>Crushing Darkness>Affliction>Lightning Strike

Damage Dealing, burst
Affliction up-Lightning Strike for storm proc- Crushing Darkness- Shock- Recklessness- Lightning Barrage Force Lightning- instant Chain Lightning

Trying to snare up enemy team
Static Barriers on everyone>Overload>Electrocute>Whirlwind>Force Slow>Force Lightning