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002 Talent Overview
002.1 The Must Haves
002.2 The Good Ones
002.3 The Forget About Its

Now, I've already gone over specs- but there's going to be two responses to the specs I've posted.

First is- why pick those talents, what gives them a boost above the others, and why do you pick some in one spec and not in the other?
Second is- I spec differently/have seen other specs that I think are better- why is your spec wrong?

The posted specs are more or less a guidline- there are talents that could easily be switched out, and some that I'd never switch out. I also want somewhere to go into these talents in a bit more detail.

002.1 The Must Haves

Tier 1
Dark Mending 2/2

- I hope this one is self explanatory. It cuts half a second off your main heal- that is good in any situation, but in pvp on a 3 second heal, that's mandatory. I like this talent so much, if not completely tied up, I'd take in as a DPS too.

Tier 2
Empty Body 2/2

- 8% healing received is going to keep you alive, and you will need it. You have no mitigation, your survival depends entirely on healing- so this is a good buff to that

Tier 3
Force Bending 2/2

- This talent does 4 different things, and I'll briefly get into why this talent is a must here, and more in depth later.
- Dark heal- auto crit. Otherwise, dark heal is pretty bad. It costs a lot for a small heal, is shaves a second off of DI, but except when you know DI won't get off it's inefficient manawise and heals less/second than DI. However- with auto crit DH heals almost as much as a non-crit DI, and more importantly will likely get off.
- Dark Infusion- force shouldn't be a problem if you're hybrid, so using the proc on DI is kind of useless. It's better for full corruption since force management is poorer, but even then this is something that's better for when you can freecast untouched or pve
- Innervation- 25% bonus critical. This is personally my favourite. Innervation usually get at least a few ticks off, and almost always heals something- and if you get it all off you're talking 4 ticks with bonus 25% crit on a good heal- unless on CD, I'd use bending on innervation whenever possible.
- Rev- the force you save here is more than DI, thus better- if of course you do have the aoe heal. Ultimately, I'd put this in a pvp situation where you're full corruption as better than DI, but I'd prioritize innervate well over it, and DH over it most of the time.

Resurgence 1/1
- Obviously you need this one, it's our one HoT. It's not the best HoT in the game- still, whenever it's up, I'd use it, and it's our one mobile heal.

Efficacious Currents 2/2
- Whether or not you get the stun bubble- our bubble is our best heal, period. It prevents almost as much damage as DI heals on average, plus is instant, plus is cheaper, plus isn't reactive so you can put it up when you have a bit of spare time. I can go on and on, but I'll get into the bubble later- straight up, you do not want to miss this ability if you heal, period.

Tier 4
Sith Purity 1/1

- Reducing the cost and adding a heal are both small, cost never as an issue, and the heal is tiny. Adding physical effects to what you purge is the reason this is a must- on top of debuff removal, purge is vital for CC removal in general, and for a class that needs to move yet has very little in the way of CC removal- this is your last chance.

Reconstruct 2/2
- 10% armour rating isn't bad, and bringing the HoT up to 15 rather than 9 second duration is pretty nice- thing to keep in mind this ends up being a buff to up to 2 1/2 people at a time in theory. I could see dropping this- if a better talent ever appeared, but at the moment there's no better talent

Fadeout 2/2
- Root immunity on your force speed, this is a must in a game packed with mara and juggs who are swimming in roots. Personally, I think this should be baseline since our mobility depends on it, and we have no mitigating abilities- at the moment though, this is a must if you're a healer and you like living.

Tier 5
Innvervate 1/1

- This ability is simply good, it is a very strong heal, it synergizes well with force bending, it gets off in a pinch, and the cooldown and cost are pretty reasonable. This is why I take 21 points in healing at the very least if I want to be considered a healer in pvp

Tier 1
Reserves 2/2

- In lightning, you get a choice between wanting to focus on a bit more damage, or wanting to focus on a bit better force regen, either of which are good choices. In the first tier though, you have two force related talents, and one for damage- you have no choice but to put at least two points into a force talent, and Reserves is simply better use of those points

Tier 2
Subversion 2/2

- This is your force regeneration from hybrid, base off lightning strike. It's relatively easy to keep up, and it doesn't hurt you. If you are a hybrid, this is the main reason for it. Don't take this if you're full corruption.

Lightning Barrier 2/2
- Regardless of spec, this is 20% more protection from your best ability- there's no reason to not take this.

Tier 3
Electric Bindings 2/2

- If you go this high, this is your first choice. When it comes to personal survivability, this is simply more reliable than even the stun bubble for doing what you want it to do.

Tier 4
Backlash 2/2

- At the moment- stun bubble is our main utility for pvp, and it's fantastic

Lightning Effusion 2/2
- This grants a large boost to mana regeneration- so if you're going the full 21/20 hybrid, this is a talent you'll want for keeping you from going OOF.

002.2 The Good Ones

Tier 1
Seeping Darkness 3/3

- 3% crit to all abilities. In the case of hybrid, this is beneficial for your force regen, damage and healing, so as a hybrid I would absolutely take this one

Haunting Presence 2/2
- 2% bonus to all healing. Now, you would also get one point in seeping if you went this route- I can't say for certain that this ability is worse than Seeping for a full corruption, but personally I'd take Seeping over this no matter what spec I had- feel free to prove me wrong number crunchers.

Tier 2
Lucidity 3/3

- 75% pushback resistance. Thing is, I don't find pushback is my problem for getting abilities off- it's the CC and interrupts. I think most people would take this though- and in a hybrid, you have no aoe heals anyway

Force Suffusion 2/2
- If you go full healing, this is a 10% boost to your aoe heal... but, again, the aoe heal isn't so great in pvp sadly. If you go hybrid- lightning storm and CL both benefit from this, so you'd have to decide if it's worth it (you'd get 1 point in lucidity too) for some bonus damage there, but, if your main focus is healing- don't take this as a hybrid. Of course- if you don't have the aoe heal or CL, this talent is worthless.

Tier 3
Dark Resilience 2/2

- 30% bonus to your emergency self heal is a good one, if you can spare the points- problem is with a hybrid you likely can't. This, however, is a must have if you're full corruption- because it also takes 4% off of the consumption penalty, which you will really need. So- decent but you won't have the points to take it as a hybrid- must have as a pure. This may become something decent for hybrids if backlash stops being so great though

Tier 5
Life Surge 2/2

- 2% crit, 2% mitigation. If you go this high it means you don't have backlash- but this is a good talent for where it is for pures or hybrids without backlash

Tier 6
Penetrating Darkness 3/3

- 6% increase to bonus healing, it's a decent addition

Force Surge 2/2
- At this point, you're so high in Corruption you'll be using consumption to regen force, so having innvervate crits remove the force regen penalty sounds like a no brainer. That said- this talent is decent, nothing more. It helps when you have a rotation that can never be hit with the degeneration debuff- but in pvp you can't always follow a rotation- and sometimes you have downtime where you just need to spam consumption. If there is a talent lower down you missed and want more- you can drop this one for it- this definitely is not as good as dark resilience, period.

Tier 7
Revivification 1/1

- Obviously if you go pure you'll get this- I'll go more into this ability later

Tier 1
Electric Induction 3/3

- 9% off force costs of most abilities. If you're not interested in damage output, take this one. However- if you're 21/20 you aren't going to have force issues, so I can say I would only pick this if I was going a pure build myself.

Convection 3/3
- 6% more damage to LS, CL, CD- if you're hybrid that's the bulk of your damage, so this is a nice ability to snag if you intend to take advantage of the fact that a hybrid can do a bit of damage when needed

Tier 3
Lightning Barrage 2/2

- If you're a hybrid and care at all for damage- this is your next choice after the must haves. Good burst of damage when you can manage it.

Chain Lightning 1/1
- If you're going serious about having moderate damage on top of healing, CL is a good aoe burst move. Never cast it without the proc- which in turn means, if you don't have Lightning Storm, this talent is useless, do not take it.
Suppression 2/2
- Shorter CD on WW might be tempting- just not as much as other abilities in this tree- and for the interrupt, that's mainly used for interrupting healers- which sorry to say, you won't be killing a healer in this spec regardless of interrupting or not- and you have little to worry about from dps with cast times- most have only one ability to interrupt anyway, or won't do enough damage (or, snipers, aren't interruptable anyway). Mercs can be some heavy damage without the bonus to your jolt CD, but first off they are a myth nowadays, and second they get jumped on and leap smashed so much you probably will never notice them. 15 seconds off WW will be useful for taking people out of the fight more often, and while you'd lose some damage to get this talent- it may be well worth it to you if you care more for utility.

Tier 4
Lightning Storm 1/1

- This goes hand in hand with CL- you are going to be spamming LS a lot for force regen anyway, so CL procs are a nice bit of extra burst. If you've gone high enough to get backlash, and care even slightly for doing damage- might as well grab this. It offers nothing to your healing, but that's not the only thing you're good for.

Tier 1
Will of the Sith 2/2

- 6% more willpower, it's a nice boost to crit and damage/healing. There's nothing else in madness that is useful for a healer, no utility and if you can't spare the points, that's fine- if you find yourself with extra points though, this is a good talent for a passive boost.

002.3 The Forget About Its
Corruption Tier 5
Conspiring Force 2/2

- A snare on affliction sounds nice... 20% though for two points? What a waste for something that barely does anything. Every other snare is 50% and on demand- this snare is a joke in trade for what you'd lose- you don't have time as a pure healer to be DoTting up everyone, or the force for it.

Lightning Tier 2
Lightning Spire 1/1

- For one point, it might be tempting to do this for 5 extra feet on LS spam- however, if you're in a situation where you must be over 30 feet from an enemy- first off, they'll be within that range to pull/charge you before your cast is done anyway, and second- you probably have more pressing issues than a bit of dps or needing to force regen. I see no reason to take this as a healer.

Exsanguinate 2/2
- Affliction is long enough as is, and the one benefit we get is lightning barrage- you'll do better dotting up a couple people when you have time- compared to other talents, this one simply doesn't give enough to be worthwhile, and there's never a time I wish I had it.