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NOTE- All numbers and information is taken from pre-2.0 at the moment, I'll post when it has been updated and I've had ample time at 55 with decent gear to give insight on how sorc healing will work.

Hello there, if you're on this forum looking at this, chances are you already know who I am- I'm a loudmouth on both the sorc and pvp forums when it comes to pvp balance or lack thereof in this game. This isn't going to be focused on how we've been nerfed or the state of our class- there's many threads for that already.

Today I'm going to instead focus on what we can do as healers in pvp, as well as certain specs and the pro/cons of each of them. This is by no means going to make you better than other classes- and if you are new to the game or looking for an easy class to excel with I'll warn you right now that even with a guide, this may not be the class for you.

This guide is tailored specifically to normal pugs- if you're in RWZ chances are you're as good if not better than me and probably don't need my advice- I can see from the posts here though that there are a great deal of sorcerers struggling to play this class, and while I am sure there are more qualified sorcs and better players of all three specs; I am good with this class, I know what I am doing and I perform well in pvp.

I'm going to try to keep as brief as I can- but I am going to defend what I say with reasoning so this is not going to be a short guide- nor will it be complete when I post this. Please comment on errors or if you feel I am simply wrong about something- as I said, I am not the best sorc out there, and I'd like to be giving the best information I can manage.


000 Basic Overview
001 Spec Overviews
002 Talent Overviews
003 Ability Overviews
004 UI Overview
005 Survival Overview
006 Teamplay Overview
007 Versus Class Overviews
008 Warzone Overviews
009 Gearing Overview
010 reserved

000 Basic Overview

Welcome to your first day as a sorcerer healer, or your hundredth. Either way, you may have noticed already that being a sorc can be frustrating, fun, and the focus of every smasher the moment you step out of that safe zone.

Well, there are things we are able to do as sorcerers- and I'm going to lay out some of the pros and cons of being a sorc healer in general.

- When left to freecast, we can heal very well and for a long time
- We have great party utility
- We can have some very useful crowd control for certain situations, and can do well with both targetted and random CC
- We have some decent mobility at times for survival as well as transportation from node to node
- Our actual ability use is very straight forward and easy to learn

- Alone, our kiting skills are not impressive, our mobility easy to counter and we are very squishy
- We tend to be focused first in pvp, and we will go down extremely fast since there is nothing we can do to mitigate focus fire while we wait for help
- We offer little when attacking nodes or trying to stop a ball carrier
- We handle pressure very poorly
- We need to be babysat more than other classes, meaning outside of premades we are worse off than most other classes
- Our defensive strategies often take us away from objectives in order to just survive, putting our own survival often at odds with actually winning matches
- When under pursuit, we have very little output due to a lack of decent instant abilities, which both makes us easy to shut down in our job of healing the team, and easy to eventually wear out and kill

001 Spec Overviews
001.1 Stun Bubble Hybrid 21/20/0
001.2 Full Corruption
001.3 Other Hybrid

001.1 Stun Bubble Hybrid 21/20/0
Spec here
Jadescythes alternative bubble stun spec here

OK, so this is the spec I use at the moment, and imo the best sorc spec, period, for pvp.

- The stun bubble of course, as well as the root on overload
- Still has all necessary healing abilities to heal well
- Force management is great
- Has some decent damage dealing on top

- To other sorc heal specs? None

You're going to lose a little bit of healing and crit from talents, and the biggest loss is the 30% healing bonus off of Unnatural Preservation.

This spec has the best of survivability and healing a sorc can get, and that's worth a bit of healing power. Also, it relies on lightning strike for force management, which in almost all pvp situations is better than consumption currently is.

Jadescythe's spec offers a bit more utility and willpower at the cost of a bit of damage- it trades lightning effusion for electric induction in terms of force regen- light effusion being a better talent if you do a greater amount of damage attacks, while electric induction is clearly superior if you are mostly spamming healing. Will go more into variations of talent picks in the talents section.

001.2 Full Corruption 32/7/2

Spec here

This spec is very similar to a pve healing spec + fadeout.

- 30% bonus to UP for emergency heals
- +2% crit, +6% bonus healing, +6% willpower
- the AoE heal
- if allowed to freecast or well protected, this spec will do more healing, period

- your CC is poorer, overload becomes very easy to simply walk back from, your bubbles don't stun
- the aoe heal is very limited in use in most WZs, to the point of being nearly useless in some
- the aoe heal is even more useless now due to Rage smash, since people cannot clump up or they risk taking a very hard hitting aoe that'll more than make your heal pointless
- has less group utility for objectives
- relies on consumption to regen force

I cannot advise taking this spec under most circumstances; if allowed to freecast it can add more healing, but in normals you will find yourself rarely able to freecast. Furthermore- even on the offensive you have no damage output, and you have no notable CC to help with caps.

You also have a terrible force regen mechanic. Ultimately- you will find more time to heal. However, you will spend a lot of that time healing yourself to make up for damage taken from consumption. In a pinch- you have poor CC to help escape, and when you drop low on force you are killing yourself to gain it back. Consumption works in pve for two reasons-
a- you are not taking damage as a healer, or know when you are and thus when not to use consumption
b- a lot of the time you can stand at the edge of your aoe heal, which will heal over anything lost from consumption; you don't have the luxury of standing close to your melee, or still, in pvp though

001.3 Other Hybrid 25/14/2
Other hybrid spec

What is this? This is the spec I used after the 1.2 nerf (or close to it anyway) but before the bubble stun buff. At this moment- there's pretty much no reason to take this spec, and chances are it wouldn't even use these exact talent points as is- so why would I mention it?

Stun bubble is getting nerfed. We don't know how yet, or when, or what'll be given (if anything) in return- but ultimately, we have to face the possibility stun bubble won't be vital anymore.

I'll point out the vitals of what will make a post stun bubblocalyptic world something you can survive in, until a mutant marauder decides to cut you into pieces and keep you in a chain sack.
- Lightning Strike gives you force regen, not consumption
- Overload roots will likely be your best chance at survival through CC
- you still have all the necessary healing abilities, and the aoe heal is still sadly unnecessary