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And another thing I forgot to mention, besides the cost of augmenting, what about the cost we will have to absorb to rip out armorings, mods, enhancements and augments?

Bravo guys, bravo, just when you think there might be some thoughtful minds behind the scenes you realize it's just more typical human mediocrity, and I'm a bad man for pointing the emperor's naked behind.
Well, if you can afford a Phantom set, which cost easily cost 700k before the accident, but can't afford replacing the mods.. I just don't know whether to take your complaint even remotely serious. Pulling out the mods is really small change compared to the initial cost. Not to mention, that you now have SEVERAL weeks to prepare for it. Compared to only a few days when that pack was first released.

Yes, ideally, this thing should never have happened, but the solution is a pretty good deal for the players I think.
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