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Ideally the issue should never have arisen. But it did. And now a fix has been offered. Maybe it will be intelligent enough to 'auto augment' the additional item but I doubt this will be the case. So some small cost will be incurred but at least you will have the specific look back.

Personally, I feel the look is far more important than the relatively minor cost of putting some augment slots on it. And, it is far cheaper to rip mods out of equipment now than it has ever been (although I feel it should be free, once an item and mod is bound you should be allowed to do what you want with it at no further cost).

It really isn't that expensive to augment up a set of armour, at most a couple of days doing dailies.
It's not about the cost, it is about the principal of the thing. Someone blindsides you out of the blue and sideswipes your vehicle causing damage to it while you were obeying the rules of the road, and what you are saying is "oh well, the cost of repair is not that bad, even though I was not at fault I'll cover it".

Are you actually serious that this is your thought process regarding liability and taking ownership of ones mistakes. This is a sad generation who's future is even sadder if this is the zeitgeist of social thinking.