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And for the majority of people who spent credits for augment kits and the augmentation cost itself, I guess we'll just have to absorb the cost of buying new kits and augmenting the newly acquired pieces, or perhaps I'm wrong and should see a free item as a gift, while ignoring the aggravation of this whole fiasco?

Not trying to be difficult, but on top of the grievous error in judgement that was the inception of the problem, we have to wait another month or potentially more, plus absorb the cost of augmenting new pieces, since many of us augmented our original purchases.

What are you guys doing? For the amount of time it took to even share this possible solution the thought put into it is again much less than thorough.

Please consider the augmentation aspect of the situation and the terrible drawn-out inconvenience and frustration of it all.
Ideally the issue should never have arisen. But it did. And now a fix has been offered. Maybe it will be intelligent enough to 'auto augment' the additional item but I doubt this will be the case. So some small cost will be incurred but at least you will have the specific look back.

Personally, I feel the look is far more important than the relatively minor cost of putting some augment slots on it. And, it is far cheaper to rip mods out of equipment now than it has ever been (although I feel it should be free, once an item and mod is bound you should be allowed to do what you want with it at no further cost).

It really isn't that expensive to augment up a set of armour, at most a couple of days doing dailies.