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Why would you get Columi gear to run an operation that drops Columi? You get a free set of Tionese gear when you hit 50, put it on, wear your pvp relics and recruit earpiece/implants, and queue for SM OP's via GF. You are more than enough geared.
I can agree with that, but remember how and where the loot drops. A fresh recruit/ tioniese equiped player can clear the SM ops. It is just easier to have some columi gear instead, not all players are on their 8th lvl 50. The OP is obviously new to the game, because if they were a veteran- this thread wouldn't exsist. A master of their class can do SM astation in recruit without getting carried. Have the fresh recruits start on EV then move to KP to get their first pve MH's. This is just flat out my opinoin, not everyone wants to be carried through a OPS.