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01.16.2013 , 06:25 PM | #3
I play a Guardian Tank, same as Jugg, and I disagree. I have run Full Defense builds and a hybrid build. I have looked at the logs for each in the same fight and the Hybrid comes out ahead.

The 4% DR is more effective than a extra 4% Chance to shield an attack.

As a Hybrid I get Blade Barrier more often. 9 seconds versus 12, and your absorb number seems low. In logs mine absorbs 994 damage every time.

Also in my hybrid spec when I leap to start a combat I get an addition 20% DR for 4 seconds, which is not to be discounted.

I found in Hybrid I took 18 DPS less, while that doesn't seem like much in a fight that goes 5 minutes it works out to 5,400 less damage taken.

Using a Tanking spreadsheet from the MMO mechanics forums my Effective health is high in the Hybrid build and that does not take into account the increased use of Blade Barrier.