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01.16.2013 , 06:18 PM | #42
Let me say this again: WHEN I WAS GEARING MY GUNSLINGER, THEY WERE ALREADY LEVEL 50! I had ZERO comms to buy anything and had to start from scratch. (oddly enough, i was in pretty much full champion), as i had just started to play them again. It took a long time to gear back up. Just because it is easy to physically obtain warzone comms doesn't mean it is quick. It also makes me want to poke my eyes out with a spork when I post in a different thread and specifically say "I save Warzone comms to 2750 and RWZ comms to 4500" and people say things like "well thought out post" and here i don't say that and get flamed. Yes, i know that people want to be the cool kids when they are fully geared up. HOWEVER<, that doesn't mean you should have the right to have like 5K more health than them, if they just improved the stats and gave free BLUE augments, they still wouldn't have the expertise, but they could at least HELP in a warzone. Some of the players are hypocrites, as they are the same people who complain about having recruit geared players in their warzones, and they quote "can't do anything because they have no gear".