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Hi, your question is a multi part answer.
Once you hit 50 you can go on operations. Hopefully you picked up the free tionese and pv gear.
The story mode eternity vault and karagga's palace are designed for tionese/ columi gear. And you can do each once in group finder.
HM KP and EV are set for columi /rakata geared players. Once you have optimised a full set of rakata you meet the gear minimum requirements for NM KPand EV.
SM denova and astation are also set for columi gear, but most people insist on players being in optimized rakata and black hole gear to attend. After you have optimized with augments and mods a full set of black hole gear, HM denova is avilable to do. To do anything HM or NM ops you should really be in a progressive raiding guild. Most guilds will happily help you get endgame gear.

Hope that helps.