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Quote: Originally Posted by Anosa View Post
if you have 3 do this at the same time i will instantly kill everyone effected by smash
Only if you're badly geared, very unlucky and they are well geared. You know what else with perfect gear can kill badly geared, unguarded characters really fast 3v1? Every dps.

Quote: Originally Posted by Anosa View Post
i dont even know how you can say this. There are players using this to take half a persons health out in one hit.
Less than 1/3rd - if you're decently geared, much less. If you have a bubble and guard on you and the smasher is taunted? You won't notice the smash at all (but your bubble will pop, probably).

Saying 6k smashes are "too much" isn't an argument, it isn't a fact, it's just an opinion and one I disagree with. Saying smashers are doing much more damage than any other dps much faster -is- an argument but you have to back that up with more than an anectdote and vague references that sound or are wrong/exaggerated ("half health in one hit", "3 smashers can kill anyone with 1 global", "everyone's playing smashers to the exclusion of all other classes and winning", etc.). If anyone has backed the actual argument up with anything resembling objective stats, I haven't seen it. Having played many classes in many many wzs my experiences, anectdotes, observations, opinions, combat logs, screen shots, etc. haven't picked up a massive problem. Maybe a correction is warranted, maybe it isn't, but most of the problem I have seen is with irrational players and inaccurate (or wildly wrong) observations.

For those saying a team of coordinated, well-geared smashers is impossible to counter, have you seen what a team of coordinated, bis-geared pyros can do? Or sins? Or snipers? What's your frame of reference?