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Levelling a second character is much easier than the first, because you get the cash sent back from your original, you know a lot more about the game, and you likely have the +100 presence bonus that massively increases the performance of your companion. Also, the Jedi Knight storyline is actually somewhat more difficult than most of the others, and you don't get a healer companion until Balmorra.

All that being said, if you asked me "what's the most OP class in the game?" I would answer Shadow/Assassin without any hesitation - especially in the hands of a really skilled player. They're excellent in both PvE and PvP, They have decent self-healing and outstanding damage avoidance. They have stealth and a cc. They do great damage as a dps and hold excellent threat as a tank. Whenever you see a "watch me solo EV" video on YouTube, it's always a shadow or assassin, because a very well played one is close to immortal.