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For the two lowest-level operations, the story mode versions of Eternity Vault (EV) and Karagga's Palace (KP), you can (technically) use group finder, the same way you do for flashpoints. Pops for those are very, very rare, however.

For all higher level operations - EV and KP hard mode and nightmare mode; Explosive Conflict (EC) SM, HM and NM; Terror from Beyond (TfB) SM and HM -you need to form a group manually. Usually this is done within guilds, and usually are scheduled runs.

You can also use general chat in the fleet to send LFG (looking for group) messages to try and recruit members, but people don't often like to do these in pick up groups (pugs). These are mechanics-heavy fights, and usually require a lot of group co-ordination through voice chat. They also require everyone to be on the ball. Pugging runs a high risk of getting at least one player who's incapable of handling the content, and even one player being bad or inexperienced in a higher level op is likely to cause wipes.

It should be noted that you also need a proper group composition for ops, just like in flash points. In an 8-man op, that means 2 tanks, 2 healers, 4 dps. Once you have that composition, you can head to the fleet vessel (the Gav Daragon on the Republic side or Ziost Shadow on the Imperial) from which operations are launched and just walk through the entrance to the Op.