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The two lowest level Ops you can join are Eternity Vault and Karaggas Palace. Those are story Mode Ops and you can queue for that once you hit 50 but it is suggested you get at least Columi gear to start those. You can queue for them in Group Finder. They are the two at the top. Once you have completed one you are locked out for a week.

For the Hard Mode/Nightmare Mode Operations you have to join or create an Ops group who is willing to run one of those Ops. Usually done with friends or guild members if you're in a guild. Gear requirement for HM/NiM Ops is generally Black Hole or Dread Guard gear.

HM and NiM Ops include Eternity Vault (EV), Karaggas Palace (KP), Explosive Conflicts (EC) and I think there is one more for Dread Guard which I haven't done yet.
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