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Sab charge/back blast/Wounding shots + dot dmg in no particular order? i guess yeah i do something similar when i go concealment sometimes dirtykick/sab charg/backstab/ kills most players around 40% health

I have both a slinger an op and a sniper all at 50 in WH, i find the burst of a SS/MM sniper still the best

Overall i dont think it would be described as a burst spec, and you have to figure most players will not play it to its full potential
Sab charge, double wounding shot, vital shot double proc, shrap grenade tick. Even more if you lay fly-by down beforehand and you catch a healer trying to get a cast off before moving. Even without the flyby, that's easily capable of doing over 11k with normal critting in 2 gcds....16-17k if you're lucky.

You were close but back blast doesn't measure up to wounding shots' ~6k hits. I mainly play the spec because I like the fact it is one of the least used class/spec combos in the game. Afterall, I have a 50 marauder I haven't played since 1.2.
Medicine/Lethality PVP Patch 2.3
I don't tab dot to fluff my damage...I tab dot so that when I'm done wrecking your buddy, I can move right on to wrecking you.