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The first nerfs to ops were pretty early- when most players weren't even 50 and they had no business doing nerfs based on the complaints of level 30s facing off against level 50s who might have even had champ/BM gear by then (there were plenty due to early 'exploits' which allowed both massive xp/valour- and early exploits like jumping over the voidstar wall and planting a bomb the moment the game started- guaranteeing very fast wins).

Even the 1.2 nerfs- four months in, so most players were 50, but, with how getting BM/champ gear was back then, a lot of players weren't geared up yet- so two months of whining based on an inaccurate picture- not to mention gear itself offered much less in general then, and as we all know; some classes scale better than others.

Furthermore- no rated data, so big nerfs based on no competitive data at all.

So yes- technically at the start of the game, those specs which were being called OP did stick around longer- but they still were nerfed off of useless data.

Maybe when there was no competition and large gear imbalances these classes were OP- but they shouldn't be balancing off that.

Of course- from their poor balancing attempts even now, they don't seem to be able to balance regardless of the data they have, so perhaps those nerfs were inevitable.

It's true- you can never have perfect balance- but it doesn't seem like BW is even trying to even things out.
Operatives first nerf was fine and completely called for. They where able to stunlock people to death. I've played against current operatives and they are still very much able to burst someone hard from stealth and have a lot of ways if you play wrong to take next to no damage while killing you.
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