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Hmm, how can I answer without spoiling too much... let's say you won't miss that scene no matter what you do. Just like the one on Balmorra, it's totally part of your story and will happen anyway (just like the "incident" )

The examples I listed from Hoth and Corellia are exceptions, for all other interesting scenes you need to have Quinn with you all the time .

Other than that, it's more about choosing the right option in the conversation to get the most interesting answer, and I can only advise press the ESC key a lot and try out every option if you can.

Speaking about Taris, there is a moment when you are typing a code to open a door, and you really need to choose the right option in the conversation... won't tell you more not to spoil it for you .

On Tatooine, there is a conversation with one of your main quest NPCs where you can get -41 affection with Quinn but get a glimpse on his true feelings for you. (at 21:11 in the video if you missed it).

Just tell me where your character is and what she's doing right now and I'll tell you if there is something interesting to look for
Awsome ^^ I always hit ESC and try just about every conversation option. On my male SW (which I only level with my brother) we are about to head to Tattoine, on my female SW I rushed through Balmorra to get him now I'm trying to get the commendations to gear her up before heading to Nar Shadaa (o.o funny how you know how to spell something in this game only to completely forget)

On my male SW my brother gets kind of annoyed when I constantly hit ESC... so I try not to... too much.
hence my female SW with the added bonus of romancing Quinn!

Also... I have a habit of feeding my companions gifts, and 'farming' affection >_< then I go through all the dialogs at once... I guess I should try and space things out once I get through Act 1, right?
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