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The Gentlemans Club of Courascant does HM astation and Denova weekly. We have had a influx of lvl50's and are gearing people to regularly run NM Denova and HM 16 man. Our guild philosophies are different then the other raiding guilds. We will sacrifice doing a top tier raids to help advance our newer or lesser geared players in gear and experiance. The guild is going for a gear equality for most of our members. Since we are a casual guild we don't brand ourselves as elitists, we run all the lower lever raids( NM Pilgrim & HM KP and SM Denova/ Aststion) weekly aswell. We also try to give up and comming players the oppertunity to do harder content once they get some gear. Its a bit different but the Godfather and The Upstanding Men feel this philosophy is better in the long run of advanced raiding.

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