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Hello DeludedAussie,

While I can understand your frustration, this is simply not true. We are handling the issue to the best of our ability, but we do need your assistance in order to do so. As we replied to you in your ticket on the matter, please contact Customer Service per phone.

Thank you.
This is my point exactly^^^^^^^^^

You say Contact you by phone, but you give no propper phone support. I've tried, More than once. I've waited a combined 9-10 hours and spoke to someone once for around 10 minutes. only to be put on hold then hung up on - and you call this the best of your ability? (this isnt a personal attack, its just odd that this happens on a 'support' line)

You tell us to do one thing, but then dont provide an actual means of doing that one thing you told us to do. how is that support?

I've since let the matter drop, However, what is simply true, is the issue is still on your end, not ours, since our credit cards work 100% perfectly with everything else.