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The problem with smash spec isn't about 1v1. It's about multiple Rage spec jumping and insta-killing a group of up to 5.

If it wasn't auto-crit, you'd have a chance, but AoE auto-crit of 5K X 3-4 players = 15k hp gone in 1 GCD on multiple people. If 3-4 PT wanna focus you, fine. It still won't be AoE, 1 people will die. You can't nerf focus fire, but Smash as it is now is like focus fire for the noobs.

Plus don't forget that a well speced Jugg will have 4 sec of immunity and 20% dmg reduction after a leap, making them impossible to CC or control before the have the time to unleash the Smash.
No no no, only vengeance juggernauts get that unstopable proc... and well specced??? no rage jugg goes that far into vengeance because the free force scream in immortality is MUST for jugg rage managment and dps. and you never see 3-4 smashers in a rwz or in regs dropping 5 people unless the group of 5 is in recruit or bm, that doesnt happen.
you cant be efficent running a team with only force damage, you need kenetic and such and you need other types of burst / dots.. good teams know this
and smash spec doesnt make you a noob? the spec alows you too constantly presure healers, you can be bad at playing rage, you can be decent, and you can be very smart and good at rage.

and whats with all the crying now? juggs have always been able to hit for 5.4+k .. they never buffed them that much, only better rage managment ,
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